Relaxing boat trip on the spring lake near Sveti Naum

Relaxing boat trip on the spring lake near Sveti Naum

With our camper guests, we had, next to the visit of the monastery Sveti Naum, passed the shore of the spring lake next to Lake Ohrid.


On the shore waiting boats with their oarsmen are ready to row tourists out on the lake, which is so impressively one of the springs of Lake Ohrid.


The purity of the spring water is so unbelievable clear that the view into the depth is always preserved.


Wide reed belts on the shore directly contribute to the continuous cleanliness of the water, which is why the preservation of these reed belts is of great importance for Lake Ohrid.


White areas at the bottom of the lake are already pointing to the springs, which here provide high-pressure water from the higher Prespa lake for water inflow.


The white spots are caused by the minerals, mainly lime, which are excreted from the bubbling springs.


The aquatic plants on the ground show the clarity of the water, after all the water depth is about 4 meters.


In the background the heights of Galicica national park with its summit mountain Magaro, which is 2,400 meters high. By the way, there are more than 30 well-marked hiking trails in the national park.


Here, too, one has the impression that the water plants penetrate the surface, but this is not the case.


Back to the starting point there was another encounter with a rowing boat, whose guests were more interested in the hustle and bustle. So we were glad they "overtook" us.


Next rowing boat was already coming as we were next to the end of the tour. Please contact us, if you are interested in getting more information.


Love wooden restaurant on a small island which can be reached on wooden stairs.

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