Bern - Fascination Caravaning - sea of ​​lights in the evening

Bern - Fascination of caravaning - sea of ​​lights in the evening

Like last year, we were again in Bern at the largest Swiss exhibition for camping and caravanning, which seeks to infect their visitors again with the contagious fever for mobile travel and camping.


On the BERNEXPO grounds in the heart of the city of Bern, the Suisse Caravan Salon will offer everything for the 52nd time for individual and exciting adventures in the field of mobile travel in nature.


More than 350 exhibitors present the latest innovations and trends, provide inspiration for the next journey and help you to put together the individual travel concept in terms of features and concept with well-founded expertise.


Fascinating lectures, diverse special shows and numerous culinary delights complete the program and make the fair an unforgettable event for all.


Once the exhausting hours were over during the caravan show, by tram and bus we went to our accommodation - this time a nursing home, which also provides some rooms for guests.


And it went high, after all, the 17th floor. Just the view in the evening already could convince, although at first the noise of the railroad seemed a bit disturbing, despite the height.


Once getting used to the noises, it was fascinating to observe the city's changing sea of ​​lights.


It was once the many different train and wagon models that cast a spell on us, then again the sea of ​​lights of the city, which could change by the move of the clouds from minute to minute.


Actually not a supporter of living in high altitude, the view from up here again and again forced us out on the balcony.


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