Camping fair "Ferie for Alle" - special campers of the sixties

Camping fair

Aesthetically beautiful shapes, cheerful and colourful and an unmistakable sound of the low-performance engines from today's perspective - the early motorhomes from the 50s and 60s have their very special charm.


First of all, the mother of all camper vans, the original VW T1-based van. The first motorhome was built on the base model of the van in the 1950s, and in the 1960s the VW bus became the vehicle for hippies and flower children.


The VW bus was the second Volkswagen vehicle to be built for civil use - right after the VW Beetle, which is now a classic among automobiles.


Oldie representatives from private hand of the two vehicle types and many other campers and trailers were on display from February 20 to 23, 2020 in the exhibition halls of the exhibition "Ferie for Alle" in Herning / Denmark.


The Camping Messe Herning, otherwise in the current trend of caravans and motorhomes, is reluctant to do without the well-known classics of the camping industry, (almost) nobody can avoid the nostalgic camping fever.


From the small caravan that matches the colour of the towing vehicle to the cult camper Van Bulli, you can always take your hat off to detailed solutions and approaches to equipment and restoration.


Camping club members of the retro models meet, restorers show their skills and those who are looking for spare parts have a good chance of finding something through the members.


Just the equipment of the vehicles and the camping accessories on display - top.


Here you can not only look, here you can also dream of the heart of a classic camping car, at least photographically. A dream to be without an absolute oldie fan.


We were thrilled with the love for the details and dedication in planning this part of the show of the camping past that was built and presented.


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