With a view of the Saale, we hike to Dornburg

With a view of the Saale, we hike to Dornburg

Right at the entrance to Dornburg, we came across information boards for a circular hiking trail that was about 5 kilometers long, which we promptly followed. So it went steadily uphill over still uncultivated fields until we reached the forest surrounding the village.

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The town of Dornburg is located on a steep limestone cliff that slopes down to the Saale valley to the east and two small side valleys to the south and north.

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There are fields on the flat areas of the plateau and in the floodplains of the Saale, while there is wild, forest-like vegetation on the slopes and rocks of the Saale valley.

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In the south of the district lies the Burgschädel, a steep mountain spur on which there was once a castle. The highest elevations are just over 300 m above sea level. NN on the Galgenberg and on the plateau near Wilsdorf.

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After the sometimes-strenuous ascent on a field path, we reached the first piece of forest, where the actual hiking trail only began for us, because it now went steadily down through a beautiful beech forest on a narrow forest path.

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Soon after, we reached a small side valley, in which there were a few garden sheds, some of which had terraces and a wonderful view of the valleys.

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A few beehives were already set up and so we were surrounded by the buzzing of the first bee excursionists.

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Further in the direction of Dornburg, the view of the Saale, which runs far below us, opens up and shows a very natural course in long loops. Almost originally, the curves indicated little human intervention.

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A little later, we had almost reached the village, another narrow path led directly on the steep slope in the direction of the castle complex, which we followed immediately.

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A worthwhile way, because the view down to the Saale with its weir, the storage area and the mighty iron arch bridge in the background (another highlight) were impressive.

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We continued on our way and a little later reached the mighty palace complex, where, among other things, the ceramic workshop at the Bauhaus was to await us.

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