Trike surfer on the almost endless beach of Spiekeroog

Trike surfer on the almost endless beach of Spiekeroog

Spiekeroog's weather, surf and coastline are ideal for an active holiday on and by the water. Surfing and kiting in particular have become firmly established here due to the almost always good wind conditions.

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For water sports enthusiasts in the wind surfing category, Spiekeroog has an almost infinitely wide and long surfing beach, and sports equipment can also be hired for newcomers.

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Existing surfing skills can also be deepened under the supervision of experienced trainers and adapted to the conditions on the North Sea island!

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A special species on the beach are the so-called trike surfers, who are (almost) a permanent feature on the beach on Spiekeroog, at least in the remote areas of the beach zone.

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Far away from the tourist bathing zones, there is a solid sandy beach here, which is ideal for really fast trike surfers.

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The basic equipment includes a three-wheeled vehicle, which can be bought “off the peg” today, which is equipped with wide, thick pneumatic tires and a bucket seat and is steered with the feet.

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The propulsion is obtained through the sail, similar to the sail of stand, kite and wave surfers in the hands of the pilot, who tries to pull and loosen the sail to get the optimal wind into the sail.

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However, you also need a certain amount of practice here in order to handle the high speeds that can be achieved correctly, because it is not without it when the wind comes in gusts. In the background you can already see the Westturm of Wangerooge, another island.

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In any case, basic equipment should also include a protective helmet, and a back pad is certainly helpful if you should tip over.

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We had fun watching the local trike sailor, so we got some photos of his activities.

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A little later we could also observe a windsurfer who was probably already quite professional with waves and wind, because jumps and diving at full speed were quite perfect. But more on that later.

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