With the e-bike from Camping Prahljust to Goslar

With the e-bike from Camping Prahljust to Goslar

On the northern edge of the Harz Mountains lies the 1000-year-old imperial city of Goslar, the destination of today's bike tour. Of course, another visit will follow, today we first have to find a suitable cycle route (we will report separately on Goslar).

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So we first drive past the Pixhaier pond and the Oberharz rehabilitation center in the direction of the center of Clausthal-Zellerfeld with the well-known wooden church from the Middle Ages.

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On the way we want to drive to other destinations, so that our navigation assumes a route of about 23 kilometers, but initially mostly downhill in the direction of Goslar (of course we also have to go back!).

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At the end of Clausthal-Zellerfeld, turn left onto the Wegesmühle cycle path, past other ponds, to Kreuzeck with the Harz campsite right on the shore of Lake Grumbach.

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The last part of the way was at least partly close to the road, but from here it only goes through the forest to the outskirts of Hahnenklee-Bockswiese with its well-known wooden church, which unfortunately could not be visited inside.

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We continue in the direction of the Bocksberghütte and its cable car, we are soon surrounded by mountain bikers who can ride various down-hill routes here. There is also a summer toboggan run.

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We continue past the Harzcamp Goslar with a wonderful view of the Granestausee from far above, unfortunately with very little content.

IMG 20221030 123315

Then we have reached the outskirts of Goslar, where we first go directly to the city center or the old town area and we are greeted by the figures seen in the picture.

IMG 20221030 125717

With its mediaeval cityscape that has never been destroyed, including excellently restored historical buildings, the old town is extremely attractive.

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The treasures from nearby Rammelsberg - ore, copper, lead and zinc - promoted the prosperity and wealth of the city (since 1992 the former Rammelsberg silver mine with the old town has been a "UNESCO World Heritage Site").

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The Rammelsberg with its museum should be another goal of our tours through the Harz Mountains, now after a short city tour we drive past the Rammelsberg and then the Abzucht continuously rising back to the Prahljust campsite.

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