Station 40 - Camper Stop Princeplatz at Visnja Gora

Camper Stop Princeplatz at Visnja Gora in Slovenia

We had been made aware to the camper stop Princeplatz at Visnja Gora between Salzburg and Zagreb during our recent meeting with fellow campers that know and support our project work Camper Route to the South (and back, even for wintering) with suggestions and ideas.

Located close to the highway, you will find the camper stop Princeplatz right next to a Leisure Centre with three tennis courts on the outskirts of small town, easily accessible with caravan trailer combinations or large campers, but far enough away from the highway, so that there no disturbing noise.

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_camper-route_princeplatz-1.jpgOn the graveled area in front of and next to the tennis courts, which can be shared if the camper stays more then a night to improve his sporting activity, incidentally. There are no parceled spaces but the graveled area offers enough space for travelers group too. So the stay can be extended to a few days easily thanks to beautiful countryside, especially offers are long walks, shopping in the city center and walks into the mountainous regionnext to the camper stop.

A modern building offers two toilets plus two spacious showers with hot water. A vending machine in the lobby offers drink even late at night.

Paid parking for up to 10 caravans on a recreation area on the outskirts. Dining and shopping facilities in the immediate vicinity, to the center it is about 500 m. Usable all year.

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_camper-route_princeplatz-2.jpgOther Services
Power on power pedestals - conventional connectors CEE
Fresh water supply (also direct connection possible)
Sanitation cassettes (bottom outlet for campers is available soon)
wireless Internet Hotspot
Laundry with toilets and showers
BBQ for joint use
Cafe / Bar opening times 18:00 to 22:00

Directly at the Camperstop Princesplatz, there are excellent possibilities for cycling tours, both signposted and different degrees of difficulty. If necessary, a tour guide is available too. Please follow the link!

Some ideas for activities around the camper stop:

Ljubljana - Street art and culture in Metelkova
Ljubljana - First impression and historical background
Using the bike to Metelkova - passing Ljubljana

Follow also the

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Camperstopp Princeplatz
Marjan Šircelj
Kopališka ulica
1294 Visnja Gora

Koordinaten: 45°57'07.6"N 14°45'06.9"E
                   45.952123,   14.751927


Telefon: 00386/31625298

Mobil     00386/31625298
E-Mail Adresse: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

facebook: Prince Camp & Sport

Website: Prince Tennis Center

A following visit of the pitch Prince Platz showed some structural extensions, so the terrace / patio was roofed, the volleyball court newly prepared and also a disposal place for the faeces furnished (with floor drain).



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