Omis - adrenaline fun in a spectacular canyon landscape

Omis - adrenaline fun in a spectacular canyon landscape

In the middle of the Croatian region of Dalmatia lies the popular small town of Omis, which we have visited several times as a stopover on our tours in the Balkans.

It is not for nothing that Omis, at the mouth of the breathtaking Cetina valley and the white water into the sea, is a Mecca for outdoor sports enthusiasts because of the numerous leisure activities on offer. So we had undertaken several hikes and found Omis to be an excellent starting point. We were also enthusiastic about our rafting tour on the Cetina. Another unforgettable challenge at the same time is the zipline Croatia through the Cetina valley, because a total of eight steel cables stretch over a total length of around 2,100 meters over dizzying gorges and valleys. The longest section of the zipline is a whopping 700 meters long.

Preparation and hike to the starting point of the Omis zipline

zipline 2 043We had had the opportunity to gain experience with a zip line several times in the Adventure Park near Manavgat. There was also a 500 meter long zip line stretched across the lake. Here in Omis, however, the challenge was a bit different, because between the individual passages it was first necessary to hike to the starting point, so that thorough safety instructions from the Zipline Croatia support team are absolutely necessary. After a detailed introduction to all safety-related aspects and a written signing of the instructions received, the journey to the destination, the Zipline Croatia training site about three kilometers away, begins.

After putting on the equipment, which consists of a safety harness, a helmet and zipline gloves, the first experience on the approximately 25 meter long practice ziplines follows. The theoretical knowledge should be put into practice here so that a feeling for the zipline develops. How helpful and important this teaching unit is, we had to observe several times in the Adventure Park with careless tourists.

Hike to the next section with a view of the Cetina

zipline 2 066After completing the exercises, there is a short hike to the first of the eight stations. While the idyllic little river Cetina is now rippling at our feet, it goes continuously uphill, a narrow path with partly massive boulders on the way, the Zipline Croatia promises pure thrills a little further up.

Connected by the eight wires of the zipline, we high-wire tourists glide at a height of 150 meters and at a maximum speed of up to 65 km/h to the successive station platforms. At each platform, participants will be met by a team member before continuing the fast-paced tour between the gorges of the Cetina valley. After successfully completing this adventure of unique dynamics, we courageous athletes can expect the well-deserved trip home to Omis in the Zipline Croatia shuttle service.

zipline 2 125Anyone who is now interested in their own experience with Zipline Croatia can contact the office of Malik d.o.o. - Zipline Croatia turn at Josipa Pupacica 4 in Omis (coming from Split, over the bridge, then immediately turn left).

  • 2,100 meters total length
  • 8 cable options
  • 150 meters above the river
  • 700 meters longest single zipline
  • 2 professional zipline guides
  • Approx. 3 hours slide adventure

At the moment 3 tours are offered daily, in the morning at 9:00 a.m., at 1:00 p.m. and in the afternoon at 4:00 p.m. From/to Omis, depending on the size of the group, you should plan up to 3 hours.

zipline 2 165A maximum of 50 people are permitted per tour, which in our opinion is far too large. The price for the fun was (2015) 400kn (approx. 53 euros/person). The price includes transfers from/to Omis, professional instruction and equipment. You should bring sturdy shoes, sufficient sun protection, enough to drink and possibly something to eat. The minimum age is currently 9 years and the maximum age is 70 years.

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