German School Izmir - Invitation to the open day

German School Izmir - Invitation to the open day

In October 2011, we used the first contact with the German School in Güzelbahce / Izmir to report about the school itself (see article here), what it offers, as well as its activities and acceptance.

Even then, we had been told about the difficulties, both in terms of building technology and the recognition and external examinations for the purpose of school leaving certificates. Reason enough to follow up with a second visit, which had already been announced at the time.

Further activities of the German School Izmir

Deutsche Schule Izmir 1We contacted the current headmaster, Mr. Huber, by email, who recommended February 9th, 2013 as a suitable date, since this year's open day would also take place at that time. We gladly took the opportunity to find out something about the other activities of the German School Izmir in addition to everyday school life. Still with the same address, it quickly became clear that not much could have changed with regard to the building situation at the time. Located in Güzelbahce in a natural and peaceful environment, the school is divided into three buildings, which were originally residential buildings. So the visitors of today's open day had to commute back and forth between the buildings, which they did extensively, despite the repeated pelting rain showers.

Deutsche Schule Izmir 2Already in the entrance area we met the principal, Mr. Huber, who invited us to his office for an introductory talk. After a brief introduction to each other, we immediately got to grips with the problems of operating a relatively young German school abroad, such as the one in Izmir. After the building problem had been briefly addressed, Mr. Huber also addressed the process, which is currently in the final stage of the recognition period for independent examinations. What sense does the establishment of a school make if the upper level education cannot be carried out and examinations cannot be held in-house. A process that has to be completed everywhere at the beginning of a newly established school. Mr. Huber, who is actually already retired from his job as headmaster in Germany, initially took over the management of the German school for a year until a permanent headmaster was found. This process is also coming to an end, so that three available candidates will soon be presented.

A whole new currency that probably only exists here

Deutsche Schule Izmir 3We are briefly introduced to today's planned open house day, which, in addition to honoring the winners of an olive collecting competition, includes a theatrical performance and the presentation of a short film made by the students themselves. Then future school parents end our conversation. Important, because the number of students is also a very important topic in the conversation of the German School in Izmir. We briefly agree to keep in touch and we are already in the hustle and bustle of today.

It hardly needs to be emphasized that the physical well-being of students and parents, teachers and staff was really comprehensively taken care of. In addition to various types of drinks, there were all kinds of pastries, even the "bakery" for homemade waffles was not missing. The special highlight of these sumptuous offers was the specially invented currency that had to be used to pay in the school building, the DSI. A whole new currency that probably only exists here.

Deutsche Schule Izmir 4Our tour of the school first brought us to two editors who didn't want to tell us their names, but who did have something to say about the edition of the newspaper "DSI-Klatsch & Tratsch" they created. However, further research quickly revealed that it must have been Melanie Hillert as editor-in-chief and Minara Dervis as head of the service, as can be seen from the imprint of the newspaper. Celin Ketelhake, Marie Fischer, Dilara Sevinc (responsible for the "Life" department), Ecem Ege, Pia Röchow (responsible for advertisements and interviews), Baran Akdag and Deniz Hillenbrand were responsible for the jokes, weather and horoscope as rabid reporters. Two issues have been published, one on February 7th, 2013 and one on the occasion of today's open day. First edition of 20 copies, after all!

A bottle of olive oil

Deutsche Schule Izmir 5Shortly afterwards, the award ceremony took place in another classroom, with the announcement of the winners of this year's competition for collecting olives. The idea behind this competition was both extremely sensible and creative. Throughout the school grounds there are a number of large, old olive trees that not only look beautiful but also bear fruit. So it is obvious to collect these fruits. Why not start a little competition among the students to see which group collects the most olives. Groups of maximum 5-6 students were allowed. The period of collection was dated between 30.10. – 18.12.2012 fixed. The trees were not allowed to be shaken. Also, only undamaged fruit could be put into the collection containers. After the end of the collection period, the results were clear and since there shouldn't be any real losers, all the students involved received the result of their collection as a consolation prize, bottled and handed out: one bottle of olive oil each. Of course there was also a medal for the winning group.

Play titled "Fantastic Seven"

Deutsche Schule Izmir 6Headmaster Huber personally distributed the prizes and used the attention of the parents and students present to present the freshly created, new logo of the school, which was presented by the graphic designer in the form of a cake. How could it be otherwise, here too the focus was on the olive tree.

With some social criticism and a thoroughly in-depth philosophy of life, a group of schoolchildren then presented the play that had been specially rehearsed for the event, the exact title of which we unfortunately could no longer find out. However, there was, probably more importantly, thunderous applause for all the actors involved, who today could feel like real acting stars.

The next highlight was already scheduled, the presentation of a specially created short film with the telling title "Superman's Failure". Using the example of the superhero Superman, some topics of everyday life were presented, which he, the Superman, unfortunately could not survive.

A lot of zeal and effort was behind all the events and activities that teachers and students of the German School Izmir undertook. A successful party and a great presentation of the school as a whole.

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