Film Type: Turkish Drama Film “Benim Dünyam”

Film Type: Turkish Drama Film “Benim Dünyam”

In the Turkish drama film "Benim Dünyam - My World", a blind and deaf woman and her teacher, who is suffering from dementia, lead each other out of the darkness into the light.

Their world knows only one name: Black. Ela, the first daughter of a wealthy Turkish family, has been blind and deaf since birth. She spent her childhood in the 1950s in almost total isolation. Then her helpless parents hire the unconventionally working tutor Mahir (portrayed by director Ugur Yücel). Despite Ela's initial resistance, the "rough, bold guy and alcoholic" manages to lead the growing girl into the world of words and knowledge with sometimes drastic teaching methods. When Mahir even enables Ela to study at university, a dream seems to come true for both of them. But then Ela's lifelong companion falls ill with Alzheimer's.

In view of this emotionally stirring drama of life and suffering from Turkey (originally with German subtitles), even Holly or Bollywood productions look old. Cast with great actors, "Benim Dünyam - My World" tells a moving story of two people struck by tragedy who, over the course of several decades, lead each other out of the darkness into the light.

Benim Dunyam - My World. Turkey 2013, D: Ugur Yücel. D: Beren Saat, Ugur Yücel, Ayça Bingöl; 108 min., original subtitles, from 6;

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