Watchtower - Just a film about decline of patriarchy in Turkey?

Watchtower - Just a film about decline of patriarchy in Turkey?

The internationally highly acclaimed and award-winning film "Watchtower" by Pelin and Tolga Esmer is now coming to German cinemas from April 17th, 2014.

Nihat (actor Olgun Simsek) lost everything in his life. First his wife, then his son and last but not least his prospects for the future. He decides to take a job as a fire watchman far away from any civilization in the Turkish forests and moves into a lonely watchtower with little belongings. His only contact with the outside world is a radio and the occasional visit to a village, where Nihat unexpectedly meets Seher (actress Nilay Erdonmez). The young woman has left her family - and is the keeper of a great secret. "Watchtower" is the second feature film by director Pelin Esmer, which tells of the decline of the patriarchy in Turkey in an almost documentary way.

"Watchtower" Turkey, France, Germany, 100 min. from 12 years, D: Pelin Esmer, D: Olgun Simsek, Nilay Erdönmez, daily in the 3001 cinema (original subtitles)

Festivals & Awards

Toronto International Film Festival / Canada (World Premiere)(Official Selection)
Adana Golden Boll Film Festival / Turkey (Turkey Premiere)
Best Director Award
Best Actress Award
Best Supporting Actress Award
Best Supporting Actor Award
Best Cinematography Award
Rotterdam International Film Festival / Holland (European Premiere)
Official Selection
Gothenburg International Film Festival /Switzerland

Official Selection

Nuremberg Turkey - Germany Film Festival / Germany
Best Actress Award
Texas Victoria Indie Film Festival / USA
Crossroads Award
RxSM Underground Film Expo / USA

Best Actress

Brasilia International Film Festival / Brazil
Best Actress
Romania International Film Festival / Romania
Festival Trophy
Mannheim Turkish Film Festival / Germany
Jury Prize
Tashkent International Film Forum / Uzbekistan
Best Movie - Golden Guepard

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