Cultural illustration - and "Istanbul, with hot sauce?"

Cultural illustration - and

This is what Alexandra Klobouk calls her way of working, which she developed in the course of her first book "Istanbul, with hot sauce?" began to develop.

Cultural illustration is a process of discovering, observing, learning to understand - translating what we have experienced into images and (re)telling it.

alexandra klobouk maxresFor them, culture is everything created by humans - everything that defines human interaction. And illustration is the explanation, explanation, elucidation of connections. In her work, Alexandra Klobouk poaches in various enclosures, as an editor, author, storyteller and mediator through drawing. Your pictures would like to invite the viewer to become an explorer themselves - an exciting story, foreign cultures and unexpected connections.

Short vita

Born and raised in Regensburg in 1983.
2005-2011 studied visual communication at the KHB Weißensee
2008 Visiting student at Marmara University, Istanbul
2010 studied DesignThinking at HPI Potsdam
2010 release Istanbul, with hot sauce ->
2011 diploma at the KHB Weißensee
2011/2012 one year stay in Lisbon
2012 publication of Polymeer, an apocalyptic utopia - named one of the 25 most beautiful books in Germany

Design, conception and texts of the ZEIT magazine “The Secret of Lisbon”

alexandra klobouk miradouroregular column for Effilee magazine since 2012
2013 illustration of "Islam for children and adults" for C.H.Beck,
          named one of the 25 most beautiful books of 2013
          Work on the illustration of the "History of the World" for C.H.Beck,
           Expected publication date in 2015
           Joint exhibition with Günter Klobouk in the start-up center, Regensburg
           Solo exhibition in the Regensburg city library

Since 2013 weekly illustration for DAS MAGAZIN, Züricher Tagesanzeiger

alexandra lobouk lissabon im land am rand2014 Participation in the German-Israeli illustrator exchange "The Self and the Other"

with lecturers from Bezalel Jerusalem,
           funded by the German Israeli Future Forum and the Goethe Institute
           Group exhibition “The Self and the Other” in the Troisdorf Picture Book Museum
           Publication "Portuguese cuisine - A cozinha portuguesa",
           at the Antje Kunstmann publishing house
           Illustration of the book "On the Happiness of Friendship" by Wilhelm Schmid,
           Insel Verlag / Suhrkamp
           Photo series on the protests in Geiz Park, Istanbul for ZEITMagazin
           (still unpublished)
           Working on the successor to the book "Istanbul, with hot sauce?":
           Lisbon (working title) Expected publication date May 2015, by Viel&Mehr
           Exhibition and talk at the Stadt Land Food Festival, Berlin


Nov 2014 Trip to Moscow at the invitation of the Goethe Institute Moscow

                   Lecture at the Jade University of Oldenburg as part of Turkey Week
                   Group exhibition and lecture "The political picture book - Alexandra Klobouk, Tobias Krejtschi and Jonas Lauströer" in the Academy for Children's and Youth Literature, Volkach
                   Cultural illustration // culture and content illustration

NEW: Portuguese cuisine - A Cozinha Portuguesa at Kunstmann
Islam, for children and adults (C.H.Beck) 1 of the "25 most beautiful German books" 2013
Polymeer, an apocalyptic utopia (Uncle&Uncle)1 of the "25 most beautiful German books" 2012

Istanbul, with hot sauce? (Uncle&Uncle)

alexandra klobouk istanbul mit scharfe sosseWe constantly read about integration, migration, Islamization and dominant culture, but what do we actually know, especially about our Turkish neighbors? What do we know about Turkish culture? Or even life in Turkey? “Istanbul, with hot sauce?” is a book for everyone who has no idea. Alexandra Klobouk let her curiosity guide her and tried it herself by moving from Berlin to Istanbul and living there. The result is a lovingly illustrated volume in Turkish and German, a real "cultural asset" that is also suitable as a fun travel companion or preparation tool and guarantees added value. Do you want to get to know the real Istanbul? Then you need this book!

Istanbul, with hot sauce?: A book for everyone who has no idea

Hardcover – November 1, 2010 by Alexandra Klobouk

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