Misho Yuzmeski - travel guide, writer and photographer

Misho Yuzmeski - travel guide, writer and photographer

 As already reported, we came across Misho Yuzmeski's office purely by chance during our first city tour of Ohrid.

We noticed the numerous photographs that were set up as a small exhibition, showing various motifs from Ohrid and the surrounding area and which had been photographed and enlarged by Misho himself. So, we quickly started talking, especially since we found out that Misho also works as a hiking guide when time allows.

Wandern Ohris Seher 093Misho Yuzmeski, born on April 7, 1966, works as a tour guide, runs a small travel agency and also works as an interpreter. In addition to his native Macedonian, he speaks several European languages, including Bulgarian, Dutch, German, English, French, Italian, Serbian and Spanish.

In 1992 he took part in the opening of the first private radio station in Ohrid, where he worked as an editor and show host for almost two years. In the same year he had an intense encounter with the photographer Atanas Talevski. Their meeting led to a long-term, cooperative collaboration in the field of photographic art. In 2007, Misho Yuzmeski founded the first photo gallery in Elšani. Since Misho also worked as an author, he created his first photo book together with Talevski and his photographs, which was published as a printed publication. For many years, Misho was the organizer of Talevski's photo exhibitions and of course his own exhibitions. The experience gained from this collaboration helped Misho Yuzmeski develop his own career as a photographer.

Wandern Ohris Seher 006In addition to photography, Yuzmeskisich has also tried his hand at writing. He writes short stories, essays and reviews. He is the author of several books of prose, as well as publications in the fields of tourism and culture. Yuzmeski is a member of the editorial board of Narodna Wolja and Branuvanya. His short stories and essays have appeared in a number of Macedonian and foreign magazines.

In June 2011, Yuzmeski founded the cultural center "Cultura 365" in Ohrid. Here he actively supports other photographers and is actively involved in promoting their art, thus protecting the names and works of other authors from Macedonia from being forgotten. On June 19, 2011, a memorial room to the Dutch writer A. den Doolaard was opened in Ohrid with an exhibition of books and documents organized by Yuzmeski.


  • Premin vo maglata (Skopje, 2005) ISBN 9989-9744-5-4

o English translation: A Passage through the Fog, (Ohrid, 2009) ISBN 978-9989-911-01-9

o Bulgarian translation: Проход в мъглата (Melnik, 2010) ISBN 978-954-447-016-6

misho yuzmeski

  • Neka bide svetlina (Let there be light) - essays (Blagoevgrad, 2005)
  • Pofalni slova (Words of praise) - essays (Blagoevgrad, 2006)
  • Ohridskite biseri / The Pearls of Ohrid - coauthor with Nikola Pavleski (Ohrid, 2007) ISBN 978-9989-2688-0-9
  • Elshani - zhivot megu kamenot i vodata (Elshani - Life between rocks and water) - monograph (Elshani, 2009)
  • Nashiot holandski prijatel A. den Dolard - monograph (Ohrid, 2012) ISBN 978-9989-911-41-5

o English translation:Our Dutch friend A. den Doolaard (Ohrid, 2012) ISBN 978-9989-911-49-1

o Dutch translation: Onze Nederlandse vriend A. den Doolaard (Ohrid, 2013) ISBN 978-9989-911-56-9

  • Sto godini kopnezh (One Hundred Years of Yearning) - short stories (Ohrid, 2013) ISBN 978-9989-911-62-0

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