Emre Aydin - turkish Rock with Cadde from Izmir

Emre Aydin - turkish Rock

Emre Aydın is one of the most well known Turkish rock singers and songwriters of today’s music world. Born in Isparta on 2nd of February 1981 as first son of Saban and Nemin Aydin, he began playing saz at an early age and later on changed to guitar.

After moving to Antalya, where he graduated from Antalya Anadolu Lisesi, he went to Izmir for joining university. On his parents wish he studied economics at Dokuz Eyul University. 

6. Cadde – first band

“6. Cadde” (previously named EQ) was established in Izmir in 1999, by Emre Aydin and fellow students from the same university and published demo recordings for two songs, Rüyamdaki Aptal Kadın (Foolish Woman in my Dream) and Tesadüfen (By Chance) on the internet. In 2002, while at Dokuz Eylül University, Emre saw the advertisement of a musical competition, Sing Your Song, aired by a domestic television channel, Show TV. The jury included well-known Turkish rock singer Koray Candemir. With a friend, Onur Ela, they decided to apply with Emre's own song, Dönersen (If you come back), and out of 1500 applicants, they won the competition. This made them possible to record their first professional album, produced by Haluk Kurosman and published by Universal Music Turkey in 2003.

Solo career

After 6. Cadde broke up, Emre returned to Izmir, where he went through a difficult phase of his life. He had difficulties at the university, in finding a new rent, and other personal problems that made him write most of the songs of his first solo album, "Afili Yalnızlık" (Ostentatious Loneliness), released by Sony BMG in 2006, after he was signed by former 6. Cadde producer Haluk Kurosman and talent manager Hadi Elazzi's own company,  GRGDN. The album was recorded in the GRGDN studio in Ulus, Istanbul. Emre was assisted by renown Turkish musicians, bass guitar was played by Cem Bahtiyar of maNga, drums by İllker Baliç of Gripin, electric guitar by Tuğrul Akyüz of Vega and Kurosman himself also contributed as a musician. Emre's album quickly became a smash hit in Turkey, having won several awards, including Blue Jean Magazine's awards for Best Song, Best Newcomer, Best Music Video and his producer, Haluk Kurosman was named Best Producer. Emre also won the prestigious Powertürk Music Award as Best Newcomer in 2007 and a year later was awarded for the Best song and Best duet at the same gala.

Once being questioned why he did not join musical conservatory, he explained of his fear in loosing interest in music when his musical experience would be transformed into school lessons and exam stress.


Emre Aydin is among the most frequently touring Turkish singers, in 2007 he gave 130 live concerts until August Emre also completed his first European tour in 2008, composed of concerts in Bochum, Cologne and Rotterdam and performed in the Carling Academy, London on 11 May 2008.

On November 6, 2008 he won the MTV Europe Music Awards 2008 as Europe's Favourite Act. Upon this success, the singer decided to release an English single, planned for March 2009, which will be followed by his second Turkish album, ought to be released in May 2009.
The singer's popularity is effectively shown at his official forum, which had 79,000 registered members as of October 2007 and more than 150,000 as of October 2009.

His albums:

1.    Afili Yalnızlık
2.    Git
3.    Hareket Vakti
4.    Ve Gülümse Şimdi (Bebeğim)
5.    Bu Kez Anladım
6.    Kim Dokunduysa Sana
7.    Belki Bir Gün Özlersin
8.    Kalan Sağlar Senin Olsun
9.    Unut Gittiğin Bir Yerde
10.    Dayan Yalnızlığım
+ Tesadüfen (Bonus track)


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