Gray Earls Music Ltd. - pensioner rock project from Regensburg

Gray Earls Music Ltd. - pensioner rock project from Regensburg

As part of our project "Understanding and cultural journey along Roman roads" we traveled to Regensburg in the past few weeks to prepare for a partial event.

In October of this year, the honorary consulate of the Republic of Turkey, the Evangelisches Bildungswerk Regensburg e.V., headed by Dr. Carsten Lenk, the bookworm Regensburg and the culture portal jointly organize a multi-day encounter and culture festival in the city center of Regensburg, which had to be prepared in the first discussions.

In the evening to Alteglofsheim Castle

gray earls 2Against this background, Chris had already invited us to Regensburg for the evening before, where we were supposed to attend a band rehearsal of his extraordinary music project. Working together with the music academy in Alteglofsheim, the idea for a project arose to unite "older" musicians into a band who still enjoyed making music after completing or parallel to the completion of their professional life, an opportunity to practice and for later performances wanted to offer. The concept was very well received and so the first formations were formed, including Gray Earls Music Ltd. heard. The name of the formation alone reveals its origin.

So in the early evening we went together with Chris and his wife Hanna to Alteglofsheim Castle, where the rooms of the music academy are located. A historically interesting building with extremely impressive details awaited us. The Alteglofsheim heroic furnace from 1679 alone was worth the trip. Another report will follow later. After a first short tour, the other musicians of the band Gray Earls Music Ltd. already in the rehearsal room of the castle and the musicians were quickly immersed in their repertoire of at least 30 pieces.

Repertoire from greasy rock 'n' roll to soulful blues

gray earls 3Gray Earls Music Ltd. offer a selection of rousing songs from the 50s and 60s, refreshingly rearranged and tailored to the look, it's also very stylish appearing lady and the five accompanying gentlemen. The repertoire ranges from hot rock 'n' roll to soulful blues to originally interpreted songs that don't fit into any category. Virtuoso solos and rousing grooves complete the picture. You can tell just how many Years of experience standing here on stage and what fun the musicians havemight. This spark jumps over.

Repertoire: e.g. by Eddie Cochran, Eric Clapton, Elvis, Tina Turner and B.B. king up to the Blues Brothers, the musical spectrum ranges. Special highlights are the own adaptations e.g. of Fever, Kriminal Tango and Too many Cooks, First we take Manhattan, texts by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wiegard.

Member of the Bay's Pensioner Rock Project. Music Academy Alteglofsheim

With: Hanna Röhrl, Wolfgang Wiegard, Dieter Frank, Chris Röhrl, Peter Frank and Ulrich Volk.

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