Loreena McKennitt – A moving musical festival

Loreena McKennitt – A moving musical festival

With the first leg of "The Visit Revisited Anniversary Tour" behind her, dates lined up in the US and Canada, and the tour's spring leg in Europe firmly in sight, we thought it was time to let you know remember what a tour entails.

Loreena's unforgettable behind-the-scenes exposé of her 2007 "An Ancient Muse Tour" will now be available in all its 60-minute glory on YouTube for two weeks, starting today and ending September 27th.

The DVD "A Moveable Musical Feast" was released 15 years ago and gives you a bird's eye view of what it's like to tour, with all its joys and challenges. This entertaining and insightful DVD features 25 minutes of musical performance mixed with candid interviews with Loreena, members of the band, crew, industry professionals and fan encounters. It's a remarkable viewing experience and in some ways a snapshot of her career up to 2007.

loreena mckennit 2023 1You'll get an insider's look at touring, an endeavour Loreena describes as "intimate" and "intense" - "sometimes like an extreme sport."

You'll hear from members of the band (eight have toured with her) as well as crew members who reveal what it's like touring at the highest level and what it's like to spend so much time on the road, away from family and friends at home.

You'll see early footage of Loreena busking in Toronto early in her career and hear her talk about the challenges

You'll see early footage of Loreena busking in Toronto early in her career, and hear her talk about the challenges of balancing the demands of executive producing her own tours and being a performing artist bring to. You'll hear her describe the overwhelming feeling when band and audience experience a mutual, spontaneous emotional connection during a song.

You'll also hear others talk about Loreena, her image and personality, her artistry, her ability to bring new musicians into the band, and how she was a "trailblazer" who grew her audience and her business while at the same time Process maintains creative control throughout the entire year – a rarity in the music world. This DVD is like having a front row seat to one of the best shows in town.

loreena mckennit 2023 3Loreena says in her introduction: “Ultimately, we want to offer a musical experience that is in many ways similar to a lovingly prepared meal.” Of course, we would like to think of it as a celebration, but that is not our place to say. What I know is that the music is not complete until we break bread together.”

An Ancient Muse tour took Loreena and her band to Europe, eastern Canada and the northeastern United States. The filming itself took place in Canada and the United States.

As you know, Loreena will be back on the road in October and November, undertaking "The Visit Revisited" anniversary tour of 23 American cities in the Northeastern United States and parts of the Midwest, concluding with four dates in Western Canada. American cities in the northeastern United States and parts of the Midwest, concluding with four performances in western Canada.

“The Visit Revisited 2024” in Europe

loreena mckennit 2023 206-Mar Eindhoven, NL Muziekgebouw
07-Mar Hannover, DE Kuppelsaal
08-Mar Erfurt, DE exhibition hall
09-Mar Bremen, DE Metropol Theater
11-Mar Stuttgart, DE Beethovensaal
12-Mar Nuremberg, DE Meistersingerhalle
13-Mar Frankfurt, DE Alte Oper
14-Mar Geneva, CH Theater Lemen
15-Mar Zurich, CH The Hall
17-Mar Paris, FR Salle Pleyel
18-Mar Paris, FR Salle Pleyel
20-Mar Brescia, IT Gran Teatro Morato
21-Mar Padova, IT Gran Teatro Geox
23-Mar Vienna, AT Stadthalle F
24-Mar Budapest, HU MVM Dome
25-Mar Katowice, PL NOSPR
27-Mar Leipzig, DE Quarterback Real Estate
28-Mar Hamburg, DE Laeiszhalle
29-Mar Berlin, DE Tempodrom
30-Mar Utrecht, NL TivoliVredenburg
31-Mar Brussels, BE Cirque Royal
02-Apr Amsterdam, NL Carre Theatre
05-Apr Dusseldorf, DE Mitsubishi Hall
06-Apr Antwerp, BE Stadsschouwberg
08-Apr London, UK The Palladium

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