Trade fairs canceled - virtual in-house exhibition an option?

Trade fairs canceled - virtual in-house exhibition an alternative?

The GentleTent company from Vienna has been providing innovative and imaginative, sometimes surprising products for several years, so it's no wonder that even in times of the corona pandemic, an alternative idea comes from GentleTent.


"With the idea of ​​a virtual in-house exhibition, by the way, not an invention of ours, we want to ensure that we are still present on the market and are not forgotten, and want to be able to present our products despite the crisis," said CEO Gernot Rammer.


"The absolutely sensible cancellations of the large, international trade fairs made us look for alternatives and with the virtual web or in-house exhibition we hope to have found an online format that allows us to interact with our customers in an important way."


"We hope to be able to deepen the interactions with our customers with the help of this online live event, with the possibility of live chat and interactive live streaming in times like these and maybe even further."


Interesting, isn't it? Just like at a physical trade fair, the term virtual trade fair also takes on the time restrictions, but the local restrictions no longer apply due to the use of the Internet as a medium.


Although the conventional trade fair offers the opportunity for personal discussions closer to the customer's location, the virtual trade fair offers significant cost savings for both sides and also enables personal discussions using the Internet.


For many, it will take some getting used to, but it is a way to deepen customer contact even without a direct encounter, because communication via headset and webcam comes very close to a personal conversation.


The cost savings of the virtual fair for both the visitor and the exhibitor will surely increase the number of visitors in the future. The exhibitor saves personnel, the exhibition stall and advertising material and printed matter.


Instead, only a virtual trade fair website creates a virtual exhibition stand, and information material is provided in digital form. Lucky are those who have an adequate presentation area.


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