Strange Kind Of Women – visiting Meiningen

Strange Kind Of Women – visiting Meiningen

Meiningen is located on the Werra in southern Thuringia, has extensive parks in the city centre and numerous classicist buildings, where the concert by the band “Strange Kind Of Women” took place a few days ago in the Volkshaus, a classicist building complex.

The historic old town, still surrounded by the medieval moats of the former city fortifications, is characterized by an eclectic district and half-timbered buildings and town houses. The concept of eclecticism is applied in various disciplines, such as philosophical eclecticism, in eclectic architectural styles in architecture (historicism, postmodernism) and in some art styles, especially of the 19th and 20th centuries.

strange kind of women 010The term was coined in ancient times, around the birth of Christ. At that time, different schools of philosophy coexisted, and there were thinkers and politicians who were called eclectics because they combined elements of different positions. The most famous representative of this movement was Cicero. In his ethical ideas in particular, he essentially adopted the teachings of the Stoics, but also incorporated values from the Academy and the Peripateus. In Christianity, the eclectic motto of Paul of Tarsus “Test everything and keep what is good!” (1 Thess 5:21 EU) is considered a basic principle that facilitated the missionary inculturation of the new faith in the ancient world.

The World's Only Female Tribute Band To Deep Purple

strange kind of women 03So, we followed the call of this city with its historic old town and its eclectic district to listen to the concert by the five-girl band “Strange Kind Of Women – The Classic Deep Purple Years”, also against the background of the “re-enacted” music doesn't always suit our taste.

No question, there are different perspectives in this area too, one says that the band hits every note of the original exactly, the other prefers the relatively free interpretation of the original.

Anyway, “Strange Kind Of Women” is supposed to be in a league of its own: “They rock like hell and roll fiery like a spewing volcano,” we’re excited. The world's only female Deep Purple tribute band from Udine, Italy, is giving a concert in Meiningen, among many other locations!

strange kind of women 02Every Deep Purple fan knows “Made in Japan”... but “Made in Italy”? For many fans, Deep Purple's double live album "Made In Japan" is still the highlight of the band's many releases and is considered a milestone in the history of hard rock and heavy metal. The famous concert recording is now half a century old.

The band “Strange Kind Of Women – The Classic Deep Purple Years”, founded by the Italian guitarist Eliana Cargnelutti, brings the songs from this legendary album to the stage faithfully and with a breathtaking personal show. They not only present the Deep Purple songs in a most charming way, but they also interpret the pieces with so much joy and power that many of their male colleagues would turn pale.

The program includes all “Made In Japan” classics such as “Child In Time”, “Smoke On The Water”, “Strange Kind Of Women”, “Highway Star” and “Space Truckin'” which are performed with a bombastic sound.

Ian Paice starred in Strange Kind of Women

strange kind of women 04The two-hour stage performance with its passionate, energetic temperament conveys an authentic impression of the work of the rock icons and impresses both beginners and scene veterans alike.

Only a few tribute bands actually manage to come close to their role models in show and sound.

Ian Paice, the legendary drummer of Deep Purple and currently the only remaining founding member of Deep Purple, also became aware of this and has been so enthusiastic since then that he even played with them at a concert in Graz.

Afterwards he said: “It's really fun to play with them. They do a really great job, have a great sound and give it their all. I really enjoyed playing with them.”

strange kind of women 06The cast of “Strange Kind Of Women – The Classic Deep Purple Years” consists of five professional, internationally active musicians.

Acting as front women who enjoy admiration and fame in Italy: Alteria, who is known as the singer of her own alternative rock band “Alteria” and guitarist Eliana Cargnelutti, the new hope of Italian blues rock. They are accompanied by Chiara Cotugno on drums, Margherita Gruden on keyboards and Elettra Pizzale on bass.

And we have to say, the statement “rocky and groovy” was absolutely fitting, the girls know what they are doing. All good musicians who know their craft.

At first, we were a bit sceptical about the spartan stage set and the minimalist musical equipment on stage, but we were very pleasantly surprised by the handmade sound in the style of the 70s (and that in the literal sense).

strange kind of women 05No great technique in the show, which isn't necessary if you know your instruments and can use their potential, maybe even "play" with them. And so, after just a few first pieces, the spark was spread to the audience, which ultimately contributed to the absolutely positive mood of the entire evening. We can only recommend “Strange Kind of Women” and hope you enjoy it. Tour dates again in the appendix.

Tickets for further concerts by this top act are now available nationwide at all good ticket offices and online. Since the concerts only have a limited capacity, fans should act quickly to be there.

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