Girne / Kyrenia - middleage Castle and Harbor

Kyrenia - Castle and Harbour

Standing formidably at the entrance to the harbour and commanding excellent views of the harbour entrance and surrounding seas is Kyrenia Castle, dating back to the 1500s.

The castle has weathered several architectural transformations throughout the Roman, Byzantine, Lusignan and most recently, the Venetian period, to which it owes its current appearance.

There is much to see in and around the castle, including a guard-room and stable lined parade ground, the Lusignan Royal Quarters and a chapel in the upper levels and dungeons and the powder magazines, where gunpowder was stored underground. You can also climb to the battlements and walk around the castle walls to enjoy spectacular views of the harbour and incoming boats – a great vantage point for the Venetians in guarding the castle from any dreaded attack – except for the irony that when the Ottoman invasion arrived in 1571, the Venetians gave up without a fight!

Kyrenia Harbour

The elegant crescent-shaped Venetian harbour in Girne is the place to relax and enjoy the bustling yet uncannily pretty harbour town – it’s also delightfully breezy during the hot summer months and a great place to sit, savour and simply enjoy. Visit buzzing waterside cafes and fish restaurants for delicious food and drink, a good dose of harbour-side romance and beautiful views of the sea where fishing boats mingle leisurely with sophisticated yachts.

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