Grenzlos Festival also inspires the very young audience

Grenzlos Festival also inspires the very young audience

Today, Sunday, the day on the site of the Grenzlos Festival begins early in the morning with a political morning pint, where each of the Augsburg parties is given their own table where they can meet their guests, to discuss and exchange.

All festival visitors have the opportunity to go casually from table to table, engage in conversation with the politicians present, question the political leaders and in this way also establish contacts.

Magician "King Alberto" from Munich

grenzenlos kinder 1The fact that families with their children are particularly drawn to the festival site this Sunday is probably also due to the sunny weather that day.

However, the program of this day is also aimed at children, which can be described as correct right after the entrance portal by the magician "King Alberto" from Munich, who casts a spell over the little ones in particular with his magic show of silver coins appearing from ears, noses or mouths pulls.

Magic balls multiply and disappear faster than they appeared, silver coins fly through the air and get bigger and bigger.

The group of enthusiastically participating children and their parents is correspondingly large.

grenzenlos kinder 2Just a little further on, Nily Nils from Hanover inspires with a show that is based on improvisational talent and audience involvement.

Nily Nils shows an incredible talent and a keen sense for comical situations that arise together with the audience and thus ensure excitement and enthusiasm.

The highlight of Nily Nils' show was once again the 3-metre-high unicycle, which he handled perfectly, yet again and again he was able to simulate the impression of being unmanageable and falling.

A great show that delighted hundreds of spectators.

Augsburg band Rebels of the Jukebox were the next band

grenzenlos kinder 5Immediately after Nily Nils' show, the group "Die 3 Herren" entered the so-called acoustic stage: the artists explain themselves and much more in a unique didgeridoo music show that is second to none. With the differently shaped didgeridoos, which alone were worth seeing, the additional integration of other instruments and their stage show, a "poetry of the air" was conveyed.

Meanwhile, the bands Niam Niam performed on the KUKI / Neue Scene stage, which presented an interesting mixture of influences from different musical styles and thus offered an independent, yet catchy performance that was undoubtedly based on rock. A 45-minute show is available on this stage for the artists to present themselves.

The Augsburg band Rebels of the Jukebox was the next band to be heard, followed by the Krohn Band from Munich.

Vocal and sound improvisations in the gas boiler sound room

grenzenlos kinder 7We first wanted to visit the former gas storage facility on the site, which, with its imposing height of 80 meters, is considered a landmark of Augsburg.

In addition to climbing the gas storage facility, various attractive offers could also be made to visitors here.

For the grown-ups there was even an opportunity to rappel down from the gas storage facility, while the little ones could show their skills or less skills building and climbing towers made of beer crates.

Each secured by trained staff, great fun for the kids.

grenzenlos kinder 9But there was also an event worth experiencing inside the gas storage facility, which can probably be described as unique: vocal and sound improvisations in the gas boiler sound room. A number of spectators had gathered in the large round of the gas boiler, who were now listening to the sounds of percussion instruments or the voices of people.

An almost mystical atmosphere, partly reminiscent of the echo in the mountains and yet so completely different. The metallic body of the gas boiler had become the sound space, huge as it was. When a large group of people in different tones and pitches started their repertoire, you thought you were in a completely different world. Very impressive and interesting to experience the huge industrial building in a completely different use.

Appearance of Backdoor Connection

grenzenlos kinder 12Back in the real world, we unfortunately had to experience that the sky had changed a lot in the meantime: a storm with strong winds had come up. We made our way again towards the KUKI stage, where Backdoor Connection was supposed to perform. Their show also started on time, but the sky was getting darker and the wind was steadily increasing.

So it's no wonder that the majority of visitors sought shelter in the roofed rooms of the Grenzlos Festival. The organizers were busy setting up the stage several times, which shook badly as the wind increased, but Backdoor Connection was undeterred and delivered their 45-minute program, which, towards the end, showed noticeably faster versions of their own compositions. The program was hardly over when the heavy rain started.

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