Würzburg Christmas market and meeting with Nevfel Cumart

Würzburg Christmas market and meeting with Nevfel Cumart

As part of his “Creative Writing Workshops” activities, Nevfel Cumart had spent a few days in the Ruhr area and so we arranged to meet at Würzburg Central Station for a short discussion about continuing our joint activities with regard to further book presentations.

A short break in his journey on the fast ICE from Frankfurt and an equally short journey for us, which we also wanted to use to visit the Würzburg Christmas market after the meeting. From the train station we went to a small café in the direction of the pedestrian zone, where, in addition to coffee, we also had two slices of delicious Christmasstollen.

Meeting with Nevfel Cumart in Würzburg

nevfel cumart 07After a short report by Nevfel Cumart on his “Creative Writing Workshop” that he has just completed, which is always based on the requirements of the participant groups and is aimed at young people (from the 5th grade) as well as adults, topics such as:

-“Of words, stories and tapeworm sentences” - A writing workshop to try out
-“Verses, stanzas and inspirations” – poetry workshop for beginners and advanced students
-“A fantastic journey through time” – A literary look into the past
-“On the chain of his life” – insights into autobiographical writing

nevfel cumartNevfel Cumart offers many other topics as part of the “Creative Writing Workshop” for interested schools or other educational institutions.

However, we quickly arrived at the topic of our current meeting and so you, dear readers of the Alaturka portal, can look forward to further author and book presentations by Nevfel Cumart. With regard to the presentation and illustrations, short author descriptions in the form of a CV will also be presented in the future. The next presentation will take place shortly. After our meeting, we said goodbye to Nevfel in the direction of the train station and walked the few hundred meters to the pedestrian zone. The lady in the café always gave us directions along the tram tracks.

There was a Christmas market in Würzburg before Christmas as early as 1800

wuerzburg weihnachtsmarkt 01 1There was a lot of activity in the streets of the city centre, so we were excited about the Christmas market itself. And you guessed correctly, there was a dense crowd in the narrow city of stalls, but it wasn't annoying.

According to research, there was a Christmas market in Würzburg before Christmas as early as 1800. This tradition is still extensively maintained today. This year too, the market square in Würzburg shines again in pre-Christmas splendour against the backdrop of the Gothic Lady Chapel and the Rococo falcon house, the Budendorf almost looks as if it were here all year round. Around 80 stalls offer romantic gift ideas as well as Christmas, craft and culinary goods for sale at the Christmas market. There are Christmas items, Christmas presents and other gifts, spices, ceramic goods, candles, Advent wreaths, wood carvings, nativity figures and nativity stables, straw stars, Christmas tree decorations, glitter decorations, wooden toys, tin toys, leather goods, textiles, Christmas trees and much more.

Mulled beer and Feuerzangenbowle

wuerzburg weihnachtsmarkt 01 2Of course, mulled wine, mulled beer and Feuerzangenbowle are just as much a part of the Advent market as are the roasted almonds and other sweets that are simply part of the Christmas season. In addition, a variety of snack stands at the Würzburg Christmas market ensure the physical well-being of Christmas market visitors. Various events enrich the Würzburg Christmas market, including this evening, where the CVJM trombone choir will play Christmas brass music in the Lady Chapel, a choir will perform Christmas songs on stage and later another choir will also perform in front of the church.

In addition to the musical performances at the Christmas market itself, numerous Advent concerts and Christmas concerts are performed by renowned orchestras and soloists in St. Kilian's Cathedral, other churches and public buildings, creating a varied Christmas program. In addition, there are special exhibitions such as nativity scene exhibitions, book or doll exhibitions in various buildings on individual weekends.

Christmas tree ball painting, Christmas angel, wooden toys, silk painting

wuerzburg weihnachtsmarkt 01 3Parallel to the Christmas market, an artists' Christmas market takes place in the historic inner courtyard of the town hall, where over 35 artists show the results of their craftsmanship. On display at this Christmas exhibition are bauble painting, Christmas angels, wooden toys, silk painting, cloth dolls, porcelain dolls, clay works, floristry, icon painting and many more. However, the artists' Christmas market is only open on Advent weekends, Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. The stands in front of the Ratskeller and at the Vierrohrenbrunnen, however, are open every day until 8 p.m.

A ride on the festively decorated St. Nicholas tram should also be a special experience, including the scheduled trips with St. Nicholas through the city centre on the weekends, which we unfortunately couldn't experience during our visit. Sweet surprises await the children.

We were really impressed by the great atmosphere, the great and sometimes really extraordinary offerings that the Würzburg Christmas market has to offer, so it was “unanimously” decided to spend a little more time at the Würzburg Christmas market next year.

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