Demonstration the Frisian way – building a cycle path

Demonstration the Frisian way – building a cycle path

We were coming back from Neuharlingersiel on the North Sea when Jochen chose county road 89 via Middoge, Tettens, Pievens and Oldorf for the way back.

Already after the first kilometer we noticed the many bicycles that were left and right of the road to Middoge in and attached to the street trees, stood on the roadside or at gates to the cattle pastures. Strange, was the first thought. Because neither a bus stop nor other facilities could be seen that could explain the parking of bicycles. Should New Year's Eve jokes have led to this bicycle ensemble? Partially damaged, however, a large number of the bicycles made the impression of being usable.

Citizen protest has now become a bit more massive

radler protest 1Only a little later it became clear to us that this was a protest action by the local citizens, because the first posters pointed out the deficit of the missing cycle path along the district road 89.

Now our interest was aroused and we quickly found the first passers-by who were happy to give us information about the protest action. For about 20 years, residents have been demanding the construction of a cycle path along Kreisstraße 89, which connects the towns of Middoge, Tettens, Pievens and Oldorf.

Since nothing has happened so far, the civil protest has now become a bit more massive. Besides the car, the bicycle is the most used means of transport between the villages to go to school or to go shopping. The protest is aimed primarily at setting up a safe way to school for the children.

100,000 euros for the construction of the cycle path in his budget

radler protest 3More than 200 bicycles, a large number of placards and posters now decorate Kreisstraße 89 in order to finally achieve progress in the planning and construction of a cycle path along the Kreisstraße. A protest action that will certainly not go unnoticed before the state elections in Lower Saxony on January 20, 2013. The district has already reacted to the activities of the population and has set a budget of 100,000 euros for the construction of the cycle path in its budget. A sum that is far from enough to connect the 4 villages with a safe bike path. Initial calculations speak of a total construction cost of 1.2 million euros, so that a lot of support from the state of Lower Saxony can be expected. A small amount, however, when it comes to road safety for children.

However, there was help from two companies in the scrap trade sector

radler protest 4Bicycles are now standing or hanging on almost every street tree, on sign posts, on fences and place-name signs, and placards and posters point out the urgent need for the cycle path. "We want to drive to school without adults" can be read on a poster. "I want to drive safely across the Tettenser crossing" on another poster. Young and old agree on this campaign: a bike path is needed. Children from the Tetta-von-Oldersum elementary school, some of whom have to drive to school from Middoge and Oldorf every morning on the county road, face a huge risk potential in the dark, which has repeatedly led to accidents. All the funds necessary for the protest have been raised by the citizens themselves. However, there was help from two companies from the scrap trade sector, which made a large part of the wheels available.

We pay great respect to the citizens of the Frisian villages for this commitment and the really good idea of ​​drawing attention to the deficit of the missing cycle path. Perhaps this publication will provide additional support for the Middoge to Oldorf cycle path project.

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