Forest swimming pool Okerteich - a gem on the outskirts

Forest swimming pool Okerteich - a gem on the outskirts

During our hike around the center of Altenau (Altenauer Runde) we came across the Okerteich, built in 1714 in the valley of the "Kleine Oker", which once served as an artificial pond to supply the mining mills along the "Schatzkammerzug" with water to power the machines.

The pond was converted into a forest swimming pool as early as 1923, as it was no longer needed for mining.

Mountain water from the high moors of the Harz National Park

waldschwimmbad altenau 6The Okerteich is one of the most beautiful bathing spots in the Harz Mountains. The forest swimming pool is located directly in the forest, is surrounded by picturesque nature and also has excellent water quality.

Since opening as a forest swimming pool, children and adults have enjoyed and refreshed themselves while bathing in the always fresh mountain water, which flows in from the high moors of the Harz National Park, completely free of chemicals, all year round.

waldschwimmbad altenau 5Both experienced swimmers and swimming beginners will get their money's worth when bathing in the Okerteich, because the forest swimming pool has a separate non-swimmer area (up to 1.20 m deep).

For swimmers there is a large free-swimming area with a wooden raft and round beams. Generous lawns invite you to sunbathe.

There are also changing rooms, toilets and outdoor showers with fresh water. Small meals, drinks and ice cream are available for those who feel peckish.

Swimming is at your own risk

waldschwimmbad altenau 3Young and old can find bathing fun, recreation and relaxation here between the adjacent forests of the Mühlenberg and the Kunstberg. Bathing is from the beginning of May to the end of September.

The well-kept facility in the midst of the Harz mountain landscape also offers spacious sunbathing lawns, an outdoor shower and changing rooms, a children's playground with a sandpit, a slide, a climbing frame and balancing beams.

Entry is free. Changing rooms are open in good weather. Swimming is at your own risk.

waldschwimmbad altenau 1The annual festival of lights takes place on the Okerteich on the first Saturday in August. 1000 lights and lanterns shine. The festival is musically framed by the Janissary band and the singing and yodeling Bruchberg singers. In the darkness, a firework display is set off in the summer evening sky.

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