Cross-country & sliding in the Harz - everyone loves it!

Cross-country & sliding trails in the Harz - something for everyone

Enjoy your winter holiday in the Harz Mountains and discover our cross-country skiing routes. Regardless of whether you are a ski pro, a hiker or a beginner - here you are guaranteed to find something suitable.

These advertising slogans of the Harz are shown during the various tourism fairs on the various leaflets and brochures. And, despite the freezing cold, countless visitors cavort on the ski slopes during our stay, where various ascents and descents with the right cross-country skis become a real pleasure and the beautiful views make every cross-country ski tour an unforgettable experience. Every ski slope and climb has its own exciting attraction, which wants to be explored and navigated. So let's go!

The first trail we visited leads from the peat house passing the Schubenstein through the Radaubruch, past the Abbenstein to the Abbentränke. From there, continue past the Hasselkopf in the direction of Molkenhaus. However, the latter part was not groomed due to the low snow depth, which was exhausting but still a pleasure.

The Kreuzberg trail at Bad Grund

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_deutschland_niedersachsen_loipen-im-harz.jpgWe parked the car on the Taternplatz between Bad Grund and Wildemann on the Harzhochstraße, the starting point for three different cross-country ski trails of medium difficulty. West is the Kreuzberg trail with two different lengths, destination of our tour today. Right next to the large oak tree is the entrance to the circuit. The large Kreuzberg trail has a length of about 7.5 kilometers and is located at altitudes between 503 and 597 meters. Thus, 94 meters in the route guidance are to overcome.

Incidentally, the round trips are ideal during the other seasons also for hiking or mountain biking, please pay attention to the appropriate signs where mountain biking is allowed.

Elevator for sliders at Torfhaus provides numerous descents

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_deutschland_niedersachsen_loipen-erlaeuterungen.jpgSledge users today have a lot easier option at Torfhaus, because a special attraction is the "Brockenblick" toboggan lift, which also has a floodlight system. That means the tobogganers no longer have to run uphill with their sledges, because that's what the practical toboggan lift provides. Thanks to the floodlight system, the fun of tobogganing will be extended until the evening with sufficient snow conditions and suitable weather conditions. The toboggan lift is located next to the large parking lot on the main road 4, next to the National Park Visitor Center.

There are sledges on the tow-hammers where the tobogganers are carried up the slope, pulling their own sledge behind them. Simply practical! At the exit point, you will then get off the lift carriage, which is automatically pulled up by the lift and is thus ready for the next trip. The tobogganing fun for young and old now begins with the 300 m long descent. By the way, you can rent sledges at the ticket office from the toboggan lift (valley station) as well!
We enjoyed the short stopover - great opportunities to be active outdoors in a very small radius. Simply great.

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