Along the torrent hikes in the Jablanica Mountains

Along the torrent hikes in the Jablanica Mountains

Blossoming high pastures in the Jablanica - in addition to the flowers and butterflies in the wet area - we waited long time for the mountain idyll on the border with Albania, where we had already done several extensive hikes.


From Camping Rino at Lake Ohrid we had started several times, first up to the village of Gorna Belica, then up into the mountains, often in sight with the border with Albania.


There is still a lot of snow up there at 2,000 meters above sea level, far above Lake Ohrid ......


...., So the anticipation of the approaching spring and summer and associated hikes is like to feel already when watching these pictures.


After passing the high deciduous forest we reached the green mountain pastures ......


......, then to a small stream with clear spring water.


Flowers of different plant genera, in addition to butterflies, which frolic on the damp areas along the stream.


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