Midwives' forest - a model that encourages imitation

Midwives' forest - a model that encourages imitation

The Midwives' Association of Saxony-Anhalt has had a forest planted near Goseck. Two beautifully designed commemorative plaques complete the small grove and convey the message of the midwives:

We are all just a small cog in the circle of life and should reflect on our own strengths instead of constantly making interventions and changes in nature and the environment.

Birth as the first human right – healthy environment

hebammenwald 1Nature as the basis of life and a dignified birth as the first human right are elementary and cannot be viewed separately. The Midwives Association of Saxony-Anhalt took this as an opportunity to plant a forest with 1,500 robinias, 30 wild apples, 30 chestnuts, wild cherries and various shrubs near the town of Goseck (between Naumburg and Weißenfels), not far from the more than 7,000-year-old solar observatory.

We all know what the current situation is with our forests, our flora and fauna, the bird world, general environmental pollution, global warming, climate change... just to name a few, says the initiator, Petra Chluppka. This means our livelihood.

The most elementary things in life are probably giving birth and dying. So the midwifery profession is based on the most elementary things, life itself.

The idea of ​​planting trees/shrubs was obvious to heal a little bit of this, our world with the means available to us. Our idea of ​​planting trees or having them planted was unanimously welcomed and approved by our members.

The further planning now looks like this:

hebammenwald 2Located between Naumburg and Weißenfels is the idyllic village of Goseck, also known for its approximately 7000-year-old solar observatory.

A good tourist attraction. There we will plant, or have planted, 1500 robinias, 30 wild apples, 30 chestnuts, wild cherries and various shrubs, particularly suitable for birdlife.

The boulder that is already in place is so large that our medal with picture and slogan will be shown to its best advantage here. A second boulder, which also comes from this region, then carries the second plate. We have commissioned bronze plates for this, with a corresponding slogan and logo, which are then firmly anchored to the stone.

It is also planned that the public path that goes past "our grove" should be flanked with a large information board on midwifery.

We want to give visitors the opportunity to find out about our profession, but above all about our common social responsibility with regard to childbirth. Because: "It doesn't matter how we are born!"

Finally, we want to set an example with this action to counteract the catastrophic development regarding the environment as our livelihood and the negative development in obstetrics. Both are so elementary and cannot be separated from each other

On information boards at the beginning and end of the grove as well as flyers you can get more information on site.

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