The forest swimming pool in Rastenberg

The forest swimming pool in Rastenberg

One of our first hikes in spring took us along the Kaiserweg and then down the Eselssteig to Rastenberg. Immediately after leaving the forest path, we came across the really impressive forest swimming pool in Rastenberg, where numerous craftsmen were at work.

Initially astonished by the huge dimensions of the swimming pool, our interest was aroused because some of the creators didn't really look "professional" on closer inspection, but rather family-like.

waldschwimmbad 1During the conversation, we quickly learned that there had been a lot of back and forth with regard to the forest pool, since the municipality could not or did not want to afford it. At the request of many citizens, who ultimately not only saw the bathing pleasure, but also the "monument" forest swimming pool, an association for the preservation of the forest swimming pool was established. Today, the preservation and maintenance of such "bathing monuments" is very expensive and requires a high degree of creativity, commitment and work on the part of those responsible in the city administration and the citizenry, as well as a lot of money, of course. All points that moved local residents to the following statement: "This facility is particularly important to us".

Founding of an association for the preservation

waldschwimmbad 5In 2001, when the continued existence of the bath was seriously endangered because the operating and maintenance costs had increased too much compared to the economic power and population of Rastenberg, solutions had to be found. With the founding of the Rastenberger Waldschwimmbad e.V. association, many citizens of Rastenberg and the districts were mobilized and won over for active support. The result of the work was a joint operating concept and the belief in joint action by committees, citizens and guests: "A monument like our swimming pool needs even more of it in the future".

In the meantime, the Rastenberg town council has committed itself to the continued operation of the forest swimming pool and is aware of the importance of the pool for our town. This is a great appreciation for the swimming pool, but at the same time a great obligation for everyone who wants to preserve it. Due to the high burdens that cities and communities have to bear today, the association and everyone involved will have to fight for the unique forest swimming pool every year. Support is needed from many sides here: "Your ideas for improving the economic situation in the bathroom are still in demand. We want to preserve the infrastructure for future generations."

First visit of the forest swimming pool in operation

waldschwimmbad 2In the meantime, the temperatures had risen sharply, as had the water temperatures in the forest swimming pool thanks to the solar energy. Time to test the system in operation. The parking lot along the forest swimming pool was quite full, and we were still wondering whether it might not be too full in the pool area. Well, once there, you should try it. Lo and behold, once in the forest pool, the people spread out surprisingly well, so that there was no feeling of tightness. 5,000 square meters of water is really big too. And it was wonderfully refreshing in the water, pleasant below the trees, in short, we liked it a lot. We will be back.

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