National Park Olymp - pure nature for hiking and relaxing

National Park Olymp - pure nature for hiking and relaxing

Mount Olympus, according to the Greek saga, is the home of the twelve ancient Greek gods and goddesses, it is the highest and most famous mountain of Greece of 2,918 meters.

In the year 1938 already, the National Olympus was founded at the Mount Olympus, making it the first national park in all of Greece. The National Park was then taken up by UNESCO in 1981 as an international network of regions, which is to be protected as a biosphere reserve.

The European Community has placed the territory of Olympus on the list of the main bird sanctuaries of the EU. Especially in the context of the fact that the area is an important nesting site for birds of prey like the wasp bussard, the bearded vulture, the monk vulture, the snake eagle, the rock eagle, the dwarven eagle and the lanner falcon.

The flora there has produced a huge number of species, specialists counted 1,700 species with a variety of endemic plant species.

In 2011 the British environmental magazine "Ecologist" put the Olymp with its national park on the list of the 10 best national parks in Europe.

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