Erfurt Christmas market - scent of mulled wine & gingerbread

Erfurt Christmas market - scent of mulled wine and gingerbread

Without question, the Erfurt Christmas market is one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany and it is the largest in Thuringia anyway, because the medieval old town of Erfurt around the cathedral square offers the ideal backdrop for an atmospheric pre-Christmas period.

The city centre is festively decorated and illuminated with a Christmas flair, because the small boutiques and galleries, especially on the Krämerbrücke, and the small but fine shops in the side streets are bathed in Christmas light and invite you to go on a shopping spree through the city centre. So to us too.

Scent of gingerbread and mulled wine in the air

erfurter weihnachtsmarkt 1Traditional, regional handicrafts and Thuringian specialties, above all still the Thuringian bratwurst, can be found as well as a huge, candle-decorated Christmas tree with a nativity scene and hand-carved, almost life-size figures as well as many shops in the style of showmen.

All in all, culinary specialties, handicrafts and Christmas accessories are offered in over 200 wooden houses.

The Erfurter Schnittchen was first mentioned in 1329, making it one of the oldest Christmas stollen in Germany.

Christmas melodies ring out and the scent of mulled wine and gingerbread is in the air.

erfurter weihnachtsmarkt 2Particularly noteworthy is the approximately 25 meter high, festively illuminated Christmas tree and almost directly next to it the 12-meter-high Christmas pyramid, which depicts people from Erfurt's history and Christmas scenes on five floors.

A rich program of events is offered especially on the Advent weekends. The 172nd Christmas market in Erfurt also attracts with its charisma, the offers and the many events.

Accompanied by the sound of Christmas melodies and the scent of gingerbread and mulled wine, the core of the Christmas market on the Cathedral Square can be reached in various ways along the smaller markets, alleys and squares, which are also illuminated and decorated for Christmas.

Schlosserbrücke, Anger and Fischmarkt other places

erfurter weihnachtsmarkt 3In addition to the Christmas market on the Domplatz and the smaller squares in the city centre such as the Anger, the Schlösserbrücke and the Fischmarkt, Christmas Erfurt offers other places where there is a pre-Christmas atmosphere in the air.

With its numerous alleyways, Erfurt's city centre offers everyone a Christmas experience in an atmospheric atmosphere.

Follow us and stroll through the historic old town with its well-preserved half-timbered houses.

The small boutiques or numerous Christmas huts with exquisite assortments offer a rich assortment when looking for that very special Christmas present. With a bit of luck you will also meet Santa Claus on one of his rounds through the city centre of Erfurt.

erfurter weihnachtsmarkt 4The Anger in Erfurt is an important shopping boulevard and a promenade at the same time. From there you can take the Schlösserstraße to the Schlösserbrücke, another place worth seeing and worth stopping for again. The Castle Bridge is one of the oldest crossings over the Gera in the city of Erfurt. With the river Gera at your feet, you have the opportunity to relax at the Christmas market huts that are set up along the castle bridge.

In the immediate vicinity is the fish market with the town hall, a beautiful and important square in the city centre. The town hall, the headquarters of the city administration, is a testament to neo-Gothic architecture. Its artistic murals inside express the history and legends of Erfurt and the surrounding area. Also here at the fish market, at the foot of the Roman statue, affectionately called "Roland" by the people of Erfurt, the lovingly decorated stalls with their enticing scents spread an extraordinary atmosphere during the Advent season.

Corona-related failures of the Erfurt Christmas market

erfurter weihnachtsmarkt 5The Erfurt Christmas market takes place every year during Advent in Erfurt, the capital of Thuringia. The 170th Erfurt Christmas market was cancelled for 2020, so we are happy that it can take place again this year, because the Erfurt Christmas market is visited by around 2 million people every year.

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