FCB Camp: development in technology and team spirit

FCB Camp: development in technology and team spirit

Of course we wanted to participate in the development of the various age groups during the FC Barcelona Escola Soccer Camp in Thessalonica and so we joined into the training for a second afternoon for photographing and watching.

Meanwhile, now known already by the coaches, we had both got access to the playing fields and during the theoretical instruction phases, short, we were almost members of the team.

So it was no question that we learned more details about the now yearly performed worldwide soccer camps of FC Barcelona, which are usually offered as a holiday opportunity to the clubs in each country. An interesting solution for all boys and girls being interested in football and financially very attractive for the Escola too, considerable sums paid for the courses, however, from country to country prices vary a little. The girls and boys, despite the heat however, had remarkably fun and the stands were always busy with interested parents, briefly professionalism at its finest.

How did Escola start? Near the Argentine capital Buenos Aires FC Barcelona did a partnership with FC Barcelona Juniors Luján, which allows about 100 South American talents training analogous to that in the club's training center. The football education of FC Barcelona is based on precise and fast short-passing, the so-called Tika-Taka and less, as is customary in other clubs, to physical training.

 "It does not interest here how strong a boy is, how long he can run. It is only of interest: what he does with the ball. Thereupon the whole training is aligned. Technically unique players should leave our system .... Barça teaches not to be strong, but be smart. "
-Jordi Cryuff-

Students will not only learn how to handle the ball, but also get value for everyday life conveys. Again and again we noticed the very personal relationship with the teenager by the trainer, classification systems were trained, whether it was putting up in series or adjusting the conversations with each other. Storing unused balls or taking "showers" during breaks, it always was following a system. Often trainers made references to thrown bottles and paper from fortifying candies. The place was like licked, not a piece of trash was to be found. Young people are to identify themselves with the club and get the "Barça stamp".

Unlike youth systems of other football clubs, the player's own offspring make up a large part of the first team of FC Bacelona. At least 50% of the players in the first team, so the goal of FC Barcelona, should have been trained in their own youth system. Due to the many homegrown, the fans turn easier to identify with the club. In the 2009/10 season, Barça won the Spanish championship with ten players of their own Cantera (Quarry '), as the youth division in Spain is called. Advantageous for the Barça-students: the club pays a stipend for the players, which means no cost for them.

The FC Barcelona has around 50 scouts who look out specifically for fast, agile and technically skilled offensive players that can be converted also to defenders later worldwide.
It was amazing how well the education system works at the football camp. We had never expected such immense progress of the young people in such a short time. What shall we say? Our interest was piqued and we came a third time for training, but just before the end of the holiday camp.

Now fun and games were at the center and the preparations for a graduation ceremony was to be recognized where each participant should receive his/her diploma. A triko, originally signed by all the current Barca players were raffled among the students.
A big thank all the mothers and fathers received from their children, that they had enabled them to participate in the course. As we said before, very professional in all respects.

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