An innovative idea for the design of concrete walls

An innovative idea for the design of concrete walls

It was actually just a visit to a local pharmacy, which had led us to a concrete paved with concrete walls enclosed parking lot in Velbert in North Rhine-Westphalia.


To look gray and bleak, actually, despite the small lawns, the trees above the concrete wall, if not colorful splashes of color would have loosened the scenery.


Of course, our eyes were directly on the many murals, painted here on board materials, helped the drab concrete facade much friendlier designed.


A closer look was announced! Unauthorized graffiti work, a thorn in the side of many people, a blight on structural structures? And then again a design element today, often gloomy facades?


No, just the opposite. Here works of a local kindergarten were placed as an initiative of more beautiful facades, which designed in this way the drab wall surface and at the same time conveyed to the children a "value" of their work.


It will only become clear over the years how valuable this placement of the pictures of the young artists is, if they can go shopping themselves and say with justifiable pride that they painted in their kindergarten time.


Not only did they rate their works as "oh, how beautiful you painted it", no, on the contrary, the appreciation is done by placing them in public, where many people pass every day, sometimes even stopping in our hectic today Time.


Such a simple way of recognizing achievement that strengthens the children's self-confidence and, moreover, embellishes the drab concrete. Great initiative - hats off!

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