Hikes on Lake Garda - today´s destination Monte Brione

Hikes on Lake Garda - today´s destination Monte Brione

The Friedensweg, well-known and popular with backpackers, which stretches through the Dolomites to Lake Garda, ends on the northern shore of Lake Garda near the town of Riva.

Now, not every vacationer / hobby hiker is out to hike the Friedensweg, which would require a few days to stay in the region. However, the entry to the long-distance hiking trail in Riva offers the possibility of starting a short and easy hike up to Monte Brione.

The Monte Brione - a prominent hill in the plain

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_italy_verona_garda-wanderung-4.jpgEven from afar, Monte Brione is striking because of its peculiar shape. It lies as a single mountain in the shape of a sickle in the middle of the plain. This peculiarity also leads to the fascinating panoramic views that open up to the hiker during his tour. At the same time you hike through a natural biotope that is particularly worthy of protection. The Monte Brione nature reserve is a so-called dry biotope, which is particularly worth protecting because of its orchid world.

Anyone who is particularly interested in the botanical world of Monte Brione can inquire about a guided hike at the local tourist information office in Riva. In spring, the frequently repeated, guided orchid hike is ideal.

Start of the Sentioro della Pace hiking trail

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_italy_verona_garda-wanderung-3.jpgThe "Friedensweg" long-distance hiking trail begins near the port of San Nicolò. There is also a large car park for day tourists. The entrance to the Friedensweg is a relatively easy path, which is easy to walk even in sneakers, although not recommended. Ambitious walkers who are not afraid of the difference in altitude of 300 meters can also walk this part of the Friedensweg without any problems. Depending on your fitness level, you should expect a two to two and a half hour walk up to the plateau. A trip tip that can easily be combined with a visit to Riva. This path can usually be done all year round. However, especially in summer when it is very hot, you should definitely remember that you should take enough drinks on this short hike.

The trails are also suitable for children who are used to hiking. However, there are some sections with steep cliffs, so that you should behave as carefully as on a mountain tour.

A path steeped in history

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_italy_verona_garda-wanderung-2.jpgAlready at the starting point of the hike, at Forte S. Nicolò, we see the first information about this historic path. The signs to the “Sentioro della Pace” are right at the fountain, so that we don't miss the entrance to the hiking trail. We quickly gain height over a longer staircase. On the way to the summit, numerous hikers will certainly stop again and again, not just to breathe, but to enjoy the wonderful view. You can see the mountain range of Monte Baldo and of course Lake Garda again and again. When the visibility is good, you can enjoy the view from Monte Brione to the southern tip of the lake. And of course you can also see all of Riva and the surrounding villages from this striking solitary mountain. On the way to the 376 m high summit, you will pass several old defense stations such as Forte Garda, built at the beginning of the twentieth century, or the “Campo Trincerato di Riva”.

Some time ago a viewing platform was built on Monte Brione, from which the whole lake spreads out before our eyes. We now quickly reach the summit through an olive grove. From here we have a spectacular panoramic view of the lake and mountains. Also on the descent on the north side, which partly runs over an old cart path, we are led past old fortifications such as the Forte Sant'Alessandro. This path then leads us through olive groves directly to the village of Sant ´Alessandro and from there via Via Morelli back to the starting point of our hike.

A first day tour is done.

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