Citroen 2 CV fourgonette - Judith's motorhome impresses

Citroen 2 CV fourgonette - Judith's motorhome impresses

And there it was that time again - a new guest or a new vehicle on the campsite that immediately attracted everyone's attention. Of course, ours too, which we are very happy to admit.

When can you see a Citroen 2 CV fourgonette (duck as a station wagon) converted into a motorhome? So, it's no wonder that there was immediately a lot of interest on the site, as the "powerful" engine noise of the 2 CV is so well known. Your thoughts immediately went back to your student days, when such a vehicle could become an absolute dream.

She also lovingly opened the duck's hood

2cv fourgonette 01After a few manoeuvres to find the right parking position, Judith from Marseille got out of her vehicle - there can hardly be anything more "typical". Of course, she was immediately surrounded by curious campers, the first photos were quickly taken and questions were asked about where and where.

Judith patiently answered every question while also "setting up" her RV. There was a metal pull-out on the roof that could be expanded to provide sun protection, and a garden sprayer that could be used for a morning shower. She also lovingly opened the duck's hood because the engine had gotten quite warm coming from Albania.

2cv fourgonette 03With our new camping neighbour, we quickly found ourselves immersed in deeper conversations over our first coffee, because Judith isn't actually a vacationer, which of course made her particularly interesting to us:

Judith is an actress and musician, the appointments were for the purpose of studying singing and music by women from different regions in different countries in order to get to know their singing nuances and song lyrics.

What initially sounded a bit complicated would later develop into an interesting conceptual approach that we can only support.

2cv fourgonette 06Judith explained her ideas something like this: In many southern European countries, women sing at work. Their songs are about the daily monotony, about family and children, and about the many "small" things in life that surround us. The men's songs, on the other hand, are often political, peppered with powerful statements, sometimes quite aggressive.

They are socially accepted and linked to a long history, which often leads to a high level of popularity and thus to reputation and positions in social life. For women it is completely different. Socially accepted, but not as recognized as is usual with men. In this context, Judith is not concerned with emancipation but rather with learning the different singing techniques and song lyrics, which could hardly be more different. Judith's aim is to learn, compare and publish these lyrics and techniques herself.

In other words, anything but an ordinary duck

2cv fourgonette 07Accordingly, she took half a year off to visit selected and previously contacted singers in her camper, create personal portraits of them, learn and record their singing technique, compare it with other techniques and later publish her findings.

Their long-term goal is to integrate the various singing techniques and lyrics into a play, almost comparable to a Greek drama, which will then be performed in different places.

Judith has already arranged some dates well in advance, but is still looking for other singers.

merve tobijaIn this context, we naturally immediately thought of the singer Merve Akyildiz, whom we had invited to Regensburg on the occasion of the literature and culture festival last year.

As a Turkish woman with Macedonian roots, who studied music in Antalya, and is also deeply rooted in folk Macedonian music, it's certainly an interesting combination.

So, we will try to mediate the appropriate contact between the two.

2cv fourgonette 04A little later, Judith also showed us some of the special equipment that she and her father had installed in the 2CV after an extensive partial restoration. The two of them completely overhauled the engine, partially laid new cable harnesses and fuses, installed an additional battery for camper operation and a fresh water tank. The box body contains a small fitted kitchen with a sink, a seat that can be converted into a bed, a fold-out table at the rear door and a rail system that can be extended for sun protection. In other words, anything but an ordinary duck.

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