Rewa and Beka - worth visiting places on the Baltic Sea

Rewa and Beka - worth visiting places on the Baltic Sea

Rewa and Beka are small villages on the Kashubian coast of Puck Bay. This part of the rural community of Gmina Kosakowo is located directly on the Polish Baltic Sea coast.

In the Middle Ages, the region of northern Pomerania belonged administratively to the castle district of Danzig, which had come into the possession of the Teutonic Order state in 1309. In 1440 Danzig joined the Prussian League, which opposed the Teutonic Order, and in 1466 voluntarily joined the autonomous Royal Prussia, which was under the patronage of the Polish crown.

A little look back in history

rewa und beka 1With the First Partition of Poland-Lithuania in 1772, the area around Putzig and Neustadt came under the Kingdom of Prussia.

In 1785, for example, Rewa was described as a royal fishing village with twenty hearths (households) that belonged to the Brück domain office district.

Until 1919, Rewa belonged to the district of Putzig in the administrative district of Danzig in the province of West Prussia of the German Reich.

After the First World War, effective January 20, 1920, the region was ceded to Poland under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles for the purpose of establishing the so-called Polish Corridor.

Due to the invasion of Poland in 1939, the area of the Polish Corridor with Rewa came back to the Reich and belonged to the Reichsgau Danzig-West Prussia until 1945.

Rewa and Beka - small and manageable seaside resorts

rewa und beka 2In the spring of 1945, the Red Army occupied the region and Rewa was returned to Poland.

Rewa today is quite small and manageable.

It is therefore particularly suitable for tourists who are looking for peace and relaxation on the beach and in nature away from the hustle and bustle.

The place is located on the promontory named after him Cypel Rewski, which runs as a sandbank across the Pucky Bay, partly above and partly under water, to the Hel Peninsula at the level of the town of Kuźnica.

Beka is also a former Baltic Sea resort and today a stretch of beach in the Pomeranian Voivodeship on the Kashubian coast of the Gdańsk Bay.

rewa und beka 3

The former place is now under the water surface of the Polish Baltic Sea coast. A cross stands on the beach, not far from where the village used to be.

The foundations of some of the houses on the coast can still be seen, as well as old trees and stumps that once provided shade for residents along the village paths.

The Bay of Puck generally slopes flat underwater and there are hardly any tides or unpredictable currents.

Bathing is usually safe for families with children.

Cute bay - a paradise for surfers of all colours

rewa und beka 5Bathing accidents are quite rare due to these conditions.

If you stick to the general bathing rules, don't consume alcohol or other drugs and don't go into the water when the waves are too high, you hardly have to fear an accident.

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