The desire to mask yourself is as old as humanity itself!

The desire to mask yourself is as old as humanity itself!

Masks were originally used in cultic-magical representations for the demon defense and magic hunting. Its beginnings went back to the Paleolithic Age, where it was occupied in hunting and cult masks within cave paintings.

On the occasion of the CMT holiday fair we met one of these masks manufacturer who introduced us a little into the country-typical tradition of masks.


In the traditions of the primitive peoples, the mask finds use in the fertility cultivations of the peasant peoples, during maturity ceremonies and mourning ceremonies, in the mysteries, magical acts of wizards, depictions of supernatural beings, or of ancestors.


The dancing mask, with and without disguise of the body (instead of painting) belongs to the ancestral, demon, animal and fertility spell in the customs of the primitive peoples. But it is also used by highly civilized peoples (China, Japan, India, etc.).


The original demons defending importance and the fertility magic of the mask has also been preserved in numerous European folk customs. Masks carved and painted in wood are worn especially in the winter customs and at the time of fasting in Baden-Württemberg, Switzerland, Bavaria and Austria.


Traditionally, Linden wood masks are preferred in Southern Germany and Switzerland. For example, numerous alemannian masks for guilds and carnival groups come from different studios. Also mask collectors from all over the world appreciate these works.


Today masks have penetrated into the carnival of cities. In the performances of the Greek theater the mask was an indispensable prop.


Bisch Du nicht mehr zufriede mit Deiner Nas, geh zum "Spiegelhalter", der nimmt Maß, er macht Dir mit einem Messer superscharf, rucki-zucki eine neue "Larf"!

If you are not satisfied with your nose, go to the "mirror holder", he takes the measures, he quickly prepares a new "Larf" (new face) with a sharp knife!


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