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For campers on the trip - Zampetas - Always helpful & courteous

If someone does a trip, then he can experience lot of things to happen! A saying which basically applies to every traveler, and especially to campers going far away.

This actually clear positive statement, which everyone at first referring wishes to their selves, can be so contradictory too. For those who are on the move, understandably want to get to know positive experiences, new edifying impressions and whenever possible, friendly and helpful people. This applies to the "normal" summer vacationer as well as to the long-term traveler, who is usually much further away from home and away from his known help options. That's why some people do not even drive further away because they fear that they will have a breakdown on the way and thus a problem. And the breakdown service is then too far away. A pity, because you underestimate the helpfulness of people on the way.

Of course it does not always work with this wishful thinking without damage or replacement, so one is glad then, if one meets energetic and competent assistance on the way, which is still really endeavored to remedy the damage short-term and professionally.

First analysis and helping informations via telephone

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_allgemeines_firmen_zampetas-entfernung.JPGAs part of the project work at the border region with Greece, we had also met with an incident, where we had to avoid an oncoming vehicle and got away from the solid road surface with the caravan trailer. First, a stop with visiting the vehicle, if anything had happened, a damage was not clearly appearing until the evening on the next pitch: a battered shock absorber, from which the oil had leaked, whereby its effect was of course also lost. We are not full professionals in terms of vehicle technology, so we were glad to get the statement that we could come to Thessaloniki with careful driving until late in the evening with Toni Zampetas from the camping accessories dealer and camper stop in Thessaloniki. After clarifying the vehicle data of our project vehicle Fendt Saphir Scand, we decided to come to Thessaloniki the next days.

The next morning already, Toni Zampetas wanted to order the necessary replacement shock absorbers (you should always change both shock absorbers, even if the second still seems alright, since of course a certain mileage is given to it already) directly at the factory of Fendt-Caravan and it was delivered by express. Because of the time for the delivery, we could spend the next two days on the way to our prepared destinations and go to Thessaloniki on the next evening. Already the following morning the shock absorbers would be delivered by cargo service and could be mounted.

So the announcement was - we were little suspicious.

In the evening of the agreed day we reached the workshop and the camper stop on the grounds of the company Zampetas, where we were surprised that was still operating at 9.30 pm. Toni and his brother Alexander were still present, so there was a short welcome and the briefing on the site. A little later we were set up, but had not run a complete parking, as already the coming day, the new shock absorbers should be mounted in the work shop.

Around 9:30 am the cargo service delivered our shock absorbers. Now we went to the workshop, where a long mounting channel was available for work below the caravan. Professionally the old shock absorbers were replaced by new ones, a job of less than an hour of work. Although not being able to speak German language powerful, we could talk a little with the mechanics. Ah well, maybe worth mentioning: Toni and Alexander grew up in Germany, so they speak perfect German (and are English-speaking too).

Already at 11.00 o'clock the caravan was back at the place, we fixed for a stay completely, because in the afternoon a tour through the city center of Thessaloniki was possible.

If you have a similar problem on the road somewhere on the Balkans, or maybe just need to replace some of the consumables, contact Zampetas, even if the road seems a long way off, it really helps.

irthe_dec17-komprimiert.jpgSince their new website has just been completed, which includes all conceivable articles on campers and camping articles, we would like to point out this internet shop portal at this point:

Zampetas Camping Megastore


Camping Zampetas also delivers all products to your location, no matter where in Greece you are. Just enter your address or your whereabouts when ordering! At Zampetas they speak German and English!

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