Caravan-Salon - GT Pick-up: Inflatable pick-up tent

Caravan-Salon - GT Pick-up: Inflatable pick-up tent

Just in time for the Caravan Salon Dusseldorf finished, GentleTent from Vienna will present for the first time a globally unique inflatable tent cabin for Double Cap Pick Ups with the GT Pick Up.

It is slept on the roof, is used to on the loading area. With a few simple steps, the Pick Up will be transformed into a Camping Mobil for the whole family.
The GT Pick-up weighs only 28 kg and is mounted on the roof rack of the double cabin for the ride. Thanks to the sensationally small pack size of 1 × 1 meter, the installation on the roof can also be done by one person. The height of the tent package is 18 cm.
The living area covers the entire loading area of ​​the Pick Up and offers more than 2.20 meters ceiling height an exceptionally airy living and lounge area. Sleeping is on the already known roof tent known drop-stitch mat on the car roof on an area of ​​140 x 220 cm.
The tent construction is equipped with numerous mosquito windows and ventilation openings. In addition to the high, breathable material quality, this ensures an exceptional indoor climate.
Tent Wall / Tent Flyer - Tencate All Season Touring with Acrylic Coating | High breathability & UV resistance
Outer tube - Cordura | very stable and abrasion resistant material (hose cross section 14cm)
Tent Floor - Inflatable floor platform made of drop stitch
GT pick-up, telescopic ladder, mounting set, tent nails, bracing, repair kit, 12V electric pump Gross and including 2 comfort air mattresses with air mesh cover
Set of Velcro - pockets for storage in the living area.

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