Sremska Mitrovica from the perspective of an architect

Sremska Mitrovica from the perspective of an architect

Our first tour through Sremska Mitrovica had led us to the office of Vlada (in the picture on the left), who, together with Jovane and some other committed citizens, had already been able to implement some changes in the cityscape to improve the still dreary image of Sremska Mitrivica.

There is an incredible amount of physical potential that has survived the toothed of time, and today just seems to wait for something to be revived. With the arrival in the city we had already discovered some elaborately designed wall paintings, which made the otherwise dreary facades noticeably prettier. In the attached picture gallery you can see some examples on this topic, which the initiators have linked with references to the history of the city.

Vlada reported quite openly about the problems within the city, the lack of infrastructure, but above all the lack of understanding of the existing potential of building material, which would make the city more attractive to visitors and tourists. There are, however, some indications on the ancient cultural heritage to be found, unfortunately some of the explanations are no longer legible, since they are destroyed by vandalism. Enlightenment and explanations on this topic already in school as an assignment to the students would surely provide a remedy in the long run.

Behind many doors there are hidden treasures, which cannot be found in many places anymore. Jovane led us to a house whose façade was very interesting already, so richly decorated with decorative ornaments from the Wilhelminian era. When we entered the passageway to the large courtyard, at first hardly recognizable, we came upon extremely interesting stucco ceilings and door frames which referred to the once-rich wealth of Sremska Mitrovica as a trading and border town to the Ottoman Empire. Luckily for this object, a buyer has been found who, in cooperation with the local monuments authority, advances the restoration of these passageways.

We were lucky again, because the buyer was present and gave some explanations about the building and was also willing to show us some of the former storage rooms for the trade goods, which today are converted as a sauna and fitness meeting place for friends and acquaintances. Here, we came across the truly unusual composition of color-coded house technology and plastered electrical wiring, in conjunction with deliberately exposed, better unplastered wall elements, in addition to preserved tiles, to refer to the past of the building. Even constructional details sketched on the wall surfaces should be preserved. A colorful mixture of modern technology and the past which also contributed to the old tiled stove. Unusual, but very interesting.

We continued our tour, discussed further ideas for the preservation of cultural property in Sremska Mitrovica and then returned to our starting point. Jovane showed us the pedestrian crossing above the Sava, which allows visitors of the Campsite Zasavica a relatively short way to the city, apart from the fact that the bridge construction as a Hängebrücke is not uninteresting and allows a beautiful view of the city and the river landscape. Follow us, because as the next destination we had chosen the natural park at the old arm of the Sava river.

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