Birdwatching in Sasali

Birdwatching in Sasali

Turkey is one of the richest countries in wetlands among the countries in Europe and the Middle East. These wetlands have great importance especially for wildlife as well as local economy.

Turkey is located on the migration path among Europe, Asia and Africa. Spectacular Sasali and surrender areas the wetland that holds more than 334 bird species most of these are migratory birds, take up temporary stay, while some take permanent shelter here. Bafa Lake is another place for excellent bird watching.

Wetlands are the number one ecosystems, which makes a substantial contribution to the bird life. According to international criteria, there are nineteen first class wetland in Turkey. 

Apart from its wetlands species, neighbouring Mediterranean habitats and Toros mountains holds significant number of bird species such as Peregrine Falcon, Great-spotted Eagle, Red Kite, Griffon Vulture and many species of songbirds.

The South Eastern Turkey offers some of the finest bird watching to be had anywhere Europe and the Middle East, and yet remains surprisingly undiscovered amongst birdwatchers.

It has all the ingredients: excellent wetlands, including that most productive of all habitats, a river delta; some fine arid habitats with scrub and semi-desert with several species at the extreme western edge of their range; and finally some wonderful snow-covered peaks, rising to 3910m at the summit.

All these habitats are within a few hours drive of each other in the south, making this the best area of this huge country to visit for a relatively short stay.

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