Renting and Leasing of accomodation

Renting and Leasing of accomodation

Within the last 15 years the number of inhabitants of Turkey and its big cities has increased enormously. It is not just the foreign citizens who have settled over here who are responsible for that. Lots of Turkish people have moved to big cities as well. Because of the development here, they think that they will easily find jobs and earn their money.

This has led to a tremendous increase in the amount of construction of apartments and villas. Too much of construction, that there are already empty ones.

Most of the apartment owners do not want to rent their apartment. They wait until they can find someone to buy it. Even at the beginning of the season, it is nearly impossible to find accommodation, even though there are lots of empty flats. There are rarely offers like we know from Europe being advertised in the newspapers.
Because property brokers are still relatively unknown over here, you will be lucky to find a flat that is available and in good condition. Sometimes you may need the help of friends or even relatives, who know of a flat for rent. Please better ask them.

The amount of money you may need is still a matter of negotiation. If they think you really need and want a flat, the price will be very high.
Do it the Turkish way, as if you were buying something at a bazaar.
For an apartment with an area of 80 square meters, you should not pay more than 600 TL per month if you want to rent it for a year.For everyday problems there is help and information available so small problems can be solved easily. The more urgent problem is, however, how to find help and assistance.

Holiday Homes in different places

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_allgemeines_firmen_construction-holiday-homes.jpgThe situation with holiday homes is completely different, as there is limited availability at the moment. The reason has always been that flight and all-inclusive hotel packages to Turkey have been really cheap, so there has never been a big demand for holiday homes in the past. But this is changing a lot. During recent years thousands of holiday homes have been built.
More and more people like to stay on their own, get up when they want, especially during holiday time, eat when and where they want. In short, spend the day living on their own rules, not limited by any hotel regulations.
This was the reason for building apart-hotels or for changing normal hotels to apartments, most of which were not well equipped and of bad quality.

Due to that, some foreign people started to rent out their private homes when they were not using them. Also, they may already have a second flat as a holiday home. These homes are mostly in well maintained surroundings, are fully equipped with all furniture, kitchens etc., and have a communal pool. This is a new way of spending holidays in Turkey.
You can feel as comfortable as if you were in your own home. Your holiday immediately begins because everything is ready when you arrive. There is usually an airport pick-up service and much more.
You will enjoy your holiday from the first moment on.

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