Tour Companies exploring Turkey

Tour Companies exploring Turkey

Lots of big travel companies and their special offers to Turkey are well known through radio and TV advertisements. Most of them prefer to put their effort into mass tourism using big hotels with an all-inclusive service.

This is the way they try to keep prices down as you can see in their advertisements. You cannot argue with this. For a week away from daily work and stress, it is a good solution. If this isn’t for you, there are different types of holidays on offer. Apart from holidays at the beach, there are some interesting alternatives.

You are able to combine a beach holiday with other activities such as sports or trips to Turkey’s ancient sites, nearly everywhere in Turkey. It is the diversity of possible activities that makes Turkey such an interesting place to see.


Especially the internet opens up countless possibilities for travel services to offer new and attractive ways of spending holiday. These new ways are worth investigating in Turkey:

* Playing golf under the Turkish sun?
* Why not go skiing in Turkey?
* Formula 1 on a new circuit in Istanbul.
* Trekking, Backpacking, Mountain-Climbing, Mountain-Biking or Diving
* Musical and open air shows in Aspendos
* WRC Rally of Turkey and much more...

All these possibilities include cheap Turkish accommodation and excellent fresh food.
Use the internet to find new and interesting ways of spending your holidays. You may be surprised to find detailed information on travel services and the many new and different ways to book your holiday.

Enjoy your research!


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