Manavgat Waterfall - in spring time with plenty of water

Manavgat Waterfall

The various watercourses, which finally form the Manavgat River from the Taurus foothills and the two reservoirs, are fed by many further inlets and underground springs, forming an imposing waterfall before the river flows into the Mediterranean at Side.

The biggest wonder of nature is very close to the city of Manavgat, about 3 kilometers north of the town center and probably with the same name, the Manavgat waterfall, which has also become "the" tourist attraction.

In this natural idyll, where the water reflects bright sunshine in many colorful colors, the river is about 40 meters wide and falls over a level of about 2 meters high, not very high, but due to the water masses nevertheless very imposing. The ancient name of the river is, by the way, Melas, which, however, is hardly applicable and is thus little known. And although the fall height is only 2 meters, the noise, the high speed of flow and the breathtaking nature are the reason for the high degree of awareness of the Manavgat waterfall, which attracts countless foreign tourists as well as countless local guests , which are made by excursion bus from the beach hotels.

There are beautiful observation terraces, restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops along the waterfall, as well as a few typical Turkish-style picnics, which, however, can be flooded at high water levels as during our spring visit.

The beautiful plane trees that shade the entire area also contribute to the natural idyll, because they break the sunlight with their leaves and branches, which result in magnificent coloring games, which seem to extend above the water, even partially in the water. There is also a fairytale place here at the waterfall, because according to the legend, Cleopatra has also bathed here. Today it is a place for the visitors, who sent their wishes through cloths in the trees.

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