The Mediterranean Village Kaleköy and Ancient Simena

The Mediterranean Village Kaleköy and Ancient Simena

The Mediterranean Village Dancing under the Shade of History! Kaleköy village which is accessible only by boat or on foot, is is located between Kaş and Demre.

Mediterranean village of Kaleköy was built on the antique Lycian city of Simena having remnants also from Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods. This is a pretty cute resort of natural beauty, excellent sea in saphire color and historical ruins some of them underwater.

From inscriptions which have been found, we know that the history of the ancient city of Simena leds back to the 4th century B.C. After climbing the hill leading into Simena, we reach the old castle which has been built by Byzantine inhabitants. Simena castle offers a breathtaking view on the surrounding islands and the deep blue shinning sea. In the center of the medieval walls ruins of an ancient temple and a small theatre carved into the rock can be seen. The small theatre could hold up to 300 people. 
The theatre of Simena is the smallest one between all towns of ancient Lycia. To the west of the theatre some rock tombs can be seen, next to them a Roman wall offering reliefs from three different epoches. Next to the shore ruins of the ancient bath showing inscription, which are still readable: A present for King Titus given by the people and the council of Aperlai as well as from all other towns of the alliance!

The Lycian sarcophagus standing in the water next to the habour was used for promotional tourism films for Turkey.

Before leaving the island we take a short break at one of the waterside restaurants. Excellent locally caught fish and homemade ice-cream served here. It is also possible swimming in the clean water but not deep water or just enjoying the picturesque view above the peaceful area.

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