Saklıkent ski area - Antalya´ recreational area in winter

Saklıkent ski area - Antalya´ recreational area in winter

Skiing in the Taurus Mountains? And ski resorts in Turkey? Nearly nobody who travels to Turkey to spend their summer vacation on the beach will suspect that there are large ski areas not far from Antalya.

There are some very extensive ski areas spread over Turkey, one is very close: Saklikent about 60 kilometres from Antalya. And there are guaranteed good snow conditions up into spring. After a few sunny days on the beach, why not include this option for winter sports, just 60 km away from the beach. Lifts and accommodations are available.

The Uludag also invites you to go skiing

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_turkey_turkish_riviera_antalya_winter-saklikent_2.jpgThe largest and most famous ski area is located about 150 km from Istanbul on Uludag near Bursa. Even for the demanding skier there is enough choice of different levels of difficulty such as blue, red and black runs. In addition to 13 lifts that are available, all the equipment you need can be rented, and training sessions are offered for beginners as well as advanced. Mountains up to 3,500 meters high guarantee good snow conditions right into the valleys until the end of March.

Another large ski area is located near Erzurum on the Palandöken Mountains. The mountains here are up to 3,100 meters high and guarantee snow until May. Helicopter departures are also possible in this ski area.

Cause Antalya is the most famous tourist destination, let us turn back to it because a very special tip for all snow lovers is the high plateau of Saklikent, which is about 2,400 meters high and guarantees snow until May. It only takes about an hour's drive to get back to the beach.

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