Mario Lenzen - Enduro all-mountain bikers in Antalya

Mario Lenzen - Enduro all-mountain bikers in Antalya

Even with Mario Lenzen, the second professional biker of the EVOC team, we were able to have interesting conversations about business in MTB sport and about his personal career, which pretty amateurish began as a hobby at first.

The area around Garmisch-Partenkirchen, where Mario Lenzen grew up, offers a variety of mountains, so Mario initially started using a normal mountain bike. By the time, Mario was getting always more professional, so he increasingly pushed his bicycle to the limits of "off the shelf" mountain bikes.

In 2000 it was finally done: Mario was the first self employed mountain biker, almost parallel to the time of his newly created business as an independent contractor. Similarly, as it had already been described by his colleague Tobias Woggon, Mario took part in various sporting events, by which he met sponsors, which he could use to expand his business. Thus evolved over the time to a cooperation with a frame manufacturer, who is one of the main sponsors for Mario today. Step by step he builds himself an agency, because it was already clear that he will be between thirty and thirty-five years of age until he can still be active in his sports. Slowly the team around him grows and by that his trade sales structure. Today he represents well-known bike manufacturers, well-known shoe manufacturers and has built a name for himself within the framework trade. Mario describes himself as a sales representatives who receives lump sums from his sponsors and active trade missions additional with daily allowances.

Incidentally, there are always jobs from companies who book Mario for photo shoots for product presentation or as in this case to explore new trails in Turkey. The field of materials testing and tests are part of his independent business, he shall receive the prototypes of new wheels, which must be thoroughly tested to then be evaluated in the final report with test results from him. Almost every year there are major development steps that have to be tested extensively. Quantum leaps in new impetus, as just recently with the introduction of automatic saddle hubs, approximately every two to three years appear on the market.

Important to him, even the clothing manufacturers hire him for the presentation of new collections. Mostly, this is done twice a year, one each for the presentation of the summer and winter collection. So exploring trip with company EVOC is now used in parallel with the presentation of the new backpack types and various garments. Photos will be available again in the next catalog.

Mario Lenzen has seen himself on the way of the grassroots, less than top athletes as in the category downhill. Although absolute professional material is used in the Enduro all-mountain biking, it is still affordable and thus feasible can be seen as an entry for many athletes. Also the material does not overhauled, so that there are also good used materials on the internet every year. However, the beginner should always note, that there is a certain fatigue because all the supporting parts are still very heavily used. Annual wheels, however, are mostly to take over without hesitation.

For us, this insight view in the sports of Enduro All-Mountain-biking was an uncharted territory and we could only admire the two professionals during their actions. Steep slopes and jumps over rock edges hardly presented a problem, even when a steep slope in the episode offered little opportunity for braking. A great sport in nature, which can be performed by many. One does not have to become equal to the full professional.

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