Outside Facilities - open for everyone

Outside Facilities - open for everyone

Together with the increasing number of foreigners living over here in Turkey, the faces of the villages and towns are changing too. More and more attention is being paid to the planning and construction of modern traffic areas, to large, well-kept green areas and in general to the development of a modern infrastructure.

Any areas newly planned for construction have to be based on 'Imar plans' which show all the technical details of any future buildings allowed in the particular area.

Today it is exactly prescribed how much of a plot can be used for the building, what percentage needs to be kept for a green area and how big the distances between neighbors and other buildings need to be. Local governments have now learned how important green belts between buildings are. All this has also led to the development of new types of businesses. Today some firms specialize in green areas, gardening and about the care of plants and trees. The first step is the heavy work on the ground done with the help of big machines like excavators, used to level the rocky ground. The next step is to get good earth for the plants and to introduce a system of ground drainage to get rid of heavy rainfall. This is the stage not to try to save money by using smaller pipes. Of equal importance is the installation of a watering system for the really hot and dry summer months.

New business is born - due to foreigners?

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_turkey_gruenanlagen-pavilion.jpgSpecialist firms have their own garden experts and would also be able to help in designing the garden. Do not be afraid to ask if you need any help and always ask for a quote. Even which plants should be used is a very important question. Local experts know a lot of details that foreigners do not. The latest trend is the establishment of garden centres comparable to those in Europe, which have all the available plants, trees and flowers and also a range of garden equipment. Many also offer a consultation and design service. Because wages are still very low, you should not be afraid to ask for local workers to help you. 

Natural stone can make an interesting and attractive addition to your garden. It is even better if you can use stones you have found on your property: a unique type of recycling which fits perfectly into your new garden. You will quickly have natural wild flowers and lizards in your garden. 
Together with your garden design company, you will make your dream garden a reality, so enjoy this relaxing private area.

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