On the Roman road through the year 2023

On the Roman road through the year 2023

How did people live in the Roman province almost 2000 years ago? What was their everyday life like and what problems did they have to overcome?

Which population groups actually lived together here, more or less peacefully? A wide variety of events along the Roman road Neckar-Alb-Aare deal with these and numerous other questions. This connects a variety of Roman sights from Köngen in the district of Esslingen to Switzerland. The modern tourist route is largely based on the course of ancient trunk roads. Authentic evidence of Roman life and ancient culture gather along the way: military camps, rural settlements and vibrant cities, small and large rural estates, public baths with all amenities, impressive grave monuments and temples, luxurious latrines and still intact water pipes. Numerous finds from archaeological excavations can be admired in the museums. However, ancient life becomes tangible and tangible above all in the context of guided tours, action days and Roman festivals, which can now take place again without restrictions. A wide range of events will again be held in 2023 "Through the year on the Roman road", which is the title of the annual highlight flyer. The offers range from public tours to action and adventure days for the whole family to the big Roman festival.

History comes alive on the Roman road Neckar-Alb-Aare

2023 Roemerfest Huefingen 2018 02 Foto Stadt HuefingenThere are guided tours, for example, to the estates in Rosenfeld and Niedereschach-Fischbach, Engen-Bargen and Tengen-Büßlingen. There is a public bath to discover in the thermal baths museum in Schleitheim, a Roman cellar in the Sulz-Kastell, an estate with Alemannic subsequent use in Wurmlingen, the late antique fort Ad Fines in the "little town" of Pfyn. In the Dominican Museum in Rottweil, themed tours deal with tourism in antiquity, in Rottenburg with Roman bathing culture, in the Museum of Archeology in Frauenfeld with towns, villas and forts in Thurgau. Special tours for children are planned in Köngen and Nürtingen-Oberensingen. A family day at the Museum zu Allerheiligen in Schaffhausen has the motto: "The Romans are here!" and lures with many stations to try out and participate. At this year's action day of the 8th Legion in Pliezhausen, everything revolves around the topic "Wood with the Romans - from caskets to palisade".

neckar alb aareThere will be a lot to discover! In September, the big Hüfinger Roman Festival takes place for the first time in five years. The area around the Roman bath ruins becomes an impressive backdrop in which the civil and military life of the Romans and Alamanni about 2000 years ago is presented within reach. "Romans in the light of the torches" is the traditional motto in October in the Roman Open-Air Museum Hechingen-Stein, where you can roam between the camps of the Romans, Celts and Alemanni with all sorts of culinary delicacies. In the evening hours, one or the other skirmish is carried out by torchlight. From April to October, the "Legionnaires' Path Vindonissa" in Windisch in the Swiss Aargau offers regular family Sundays at eleven original locations in addition to games and puzzle tours, as does the associated Vindonissa Museum in neighbouring Brugg. At both locations, regular events, festivals and action days authentically show everyday life in and around the former legionary camp Vindonissa, for example during the "Roman Experience Days" in June.


neckar alb aare 1The handy flyer "Through the year on the Römerstraße - Highlights 2023" is available free of charge in museums and tourist information offices along the Römerstraße or can be requested from the office (Tel. +49 (0)741 494-303, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) . All the details and lots of other promotions and up-to-date information are available at www.roemerstrasse.net. The free "Roemerstrasse" app lists all the sights, shows what's open on the given day, reminds you of upcoming events with a push message and guides you to the relevant location via Google Maps.

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