Mountain biking in Vienna - From Campsite Wien West

Mountain biking in Vienna - From Campsite Wien West

If you would like to experience Vienna in a completely different way and not only want to use the excellent and well-marked network of cycle paths that we often used during our stay at the Campsite New Danube, we recommend the various mountain bike trails in the Vienna Woods, which are a real alternative for outdoor friends.

For adventure-seeking mountain bikers there is a variety of designated trails, which may be used by mountain bike only. The Camping Site Vienna West is ideal for the use of these trails.

Routes for the mountain bike in Vienna

In Vienna, there are seven mountain bike trails that lead into the Vienna Woods, with twelve entry points.

Via the entry points in Kahlenbergerdorf, Nussdorf and Unterdöbling you get to the mountain bike trail Kahlenbergerdorf. The distance is about 42.1 kilometers and is particularly suitable for athletic cyclists.

In Sievering, Neustift am Walde and Salmannsdorf you come to the Hameau route and the Kahlenbergerdorf route. The Hameau route has a length of approximately 26.6 kilometers and is suitable for average cyclists.

In Neuwaldegg, mountain bikers can join the Schottenhof route. This is about 9.6 kilometers long.

Via the entry points Wolfersberg and Jägerwaldsiedlung you get to the mountain bike trail Hirschgarten. The distance is about 42.4 kilometers and is suitable for average cyclists.

To the Troppbergstrecke one arrives by the entry points Hacking and Nikolaitor. The approximately 30.5 kilometers long mountain bike course is suitable for sporty cyclists. For better accessibility of the Troppbergstrecke a small connection of Hainbach was built.

In Liesing, cyclists with an average level of training can cycle into the Parapluie mountain bike trail with a length of approx. 33.9 kilometers, the Kaltenleutgebner track with a length of approx. 20.1 kilometers and the Doktorberg track with a length of approx 10.4 kilometers.

An attractive route crossing the Satzberg and Gallitzinberg has been created for the existing, selective Schottenhof route. The route runs along the Rosenthalgasse - Wahlberggasse - Steinböckengasse - Pappelstraße - Ulmenstraße and the municipal forest.

Starting point of the second way to the Schottenhofstrecke is the existing cycle path in the Vogelthenngasse / Savojengasse, which leads over the Gallitzinberg and the Kreuzeichenwiese to the Schottenhof. The created network has a length of approximately 6.5 kilometers. Due to its route profile, it is suitable for average trained cyclists.

Fair play on Vienna's mountain bike trails

Mountain bikers should only drive on marked routes. The routes are open mountain bikers only from March to October from 9 am to 5 pm, from April to September from 8 am to 6 pm and from May to August from 7 am to 7 pm for.

The traffic regulations (StVO) apply to all the routes mentioned. Hikers and riders may only be overtaken at walking pace.

Mountain bikers are guests in the forest and should behave accordingly to the forestry and hunting personnel. Nature should be left as it was at the beginning of the tour (without any waste).

Cycling off the bike routes and outside the times allowed is not permitted and can be prosecuted.

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