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BTurtle Station Lichtenau - Paderborn -

Benjamin had been working in the camping equipment branch for some time, so we had met him as a distribution partner for folded caravans during a large outdoor festival.

Enthusiastic about the bicycle trailer with the air tent based on it, Benjamin was an enthusiastic fan of the BTurtle right from the start, which should consequently also be reflected in the construction of a rental station that also contains offers for tours in its surroundings. First of all, Benjamin introduced us to two of his touring concepts that can be experienced with Bike and BTurtle. Accommodations can be campsites as well as eco farms or country restaurants. Here are two of his suggestions:

Tour concepts: Lichtenau & Paderborn as starting options and rental stations

For the 2019 season, I would like to offer my customers two planned tours, in which initially 2 B-Turtle (with high demand and bookings also more) are offered for rent. E-bikes are not yet available at me, as a rule the cyclists mostly use their own bikes. A detailed briefing at the Micro-caravan takes place at the takeover. The instruction includes the assembly and disassembly as well as the mounting on the bicycle. Regardless of the desired tour, two stations are planned for to hand over the B-Turtle to the renter:

1st stop in 33165 Lichtenau  - 2nd stop in 33100 Paderborn

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_bturtle-touren_paderborn_schloss-holte-stukenbrok.jpgIf the client wants to go on one of the pre-planned tours, he/she will be provided with route planning, campsite contact details, tourist attractions, etc. to familiarize himself with the route in advance.

Both tours can be driven as long as desired and are planned with a turning point, so that you can drive to short-listed attractions a second time for the return.

Note: a third tour (a round trip) "around Ostwestfalen" is planned already.


Tour 1 "North Sea and back" - Ems Cycle Path (source

The Ems cycle path leads through North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony, from Paderborn country through Münsterland and Emsland to East Frisia. The Ems cycle track is about 375 kilometers long and mostly leads through flat land.

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_bturtle-touren_paderborn_ems-bruecke.jpgThe Ems rises in Westphalia, arises from several spring waters, which lie on the urban area of ​​Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock in the district of Gütersloh and on the territory of the municipality Hövelhof in the district of Paderborn. It flows to the northwest through the Emsland in the state of Lower Saxony. From the Dollart, a nearly 100km² bay, the Ems forms the border with the Dutch province of Groningen. In East Frisia, between Emden and Emshaven, the Ems flows into the North Sea.

The Ems is 371 km long and navigable to 238 km. The river is divided into three sections, the Upper Ems between source and Lingen-Hanekenfähr, followed by the Middle Ems between to Papenburg and the Lower Ems of Papenburg and mouth to the North Sea. The Ems Estuary forms the lower parts of the Ems, which is subject to the tidal influence of the North Sea and the upper water. This Ems estuary includes the Outer Ems estuary, Westerems, Osterems, Außenems, Emder Fairway, Dollart, Unterems, Leda Jümme-region.

Ems Cycle Route - History: (recommended start in Paderborn)

Hövelhof near Paderborn - Rietberg - Rheda-Wiedenbrück - Gütersloh Harsewinkel - Warendorf - Sassenberg - Telgte - Greven - Emsdetten - Rheine - Salzbergen - Emsbüren - Lingen - Geeste - Meppen - Haren - Lathen- Dörpen - Papenburg - Weener - Leer - Ditzum - Emden


  • Hövelhof - Rheda-Wiedenbrück approx. 42 km
  • Rheda-Wiedenbrück - Warendorf approx. 47 km
  • Warendorf - Emsdetten approx. 57 km
  • Emsdetten - Lingen approx. 61 km
  • Lingen - Meppen approx. 31 km
  • Meppen - Lathen 31 km
  • Lathen - Papenburg 44 km
  • Papenburg - empty 25 km
  • Leer - Emden about 36 km

Connection Bike paths:

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_bturtle-touren_paderborn_paderborn-eggecamper-1.JPGEuropean cycle route R1 near Hövelriege and Gütersloh-Pavenstädt, Marienfeld; 100-Schlösserroute and Radrundkurs Münsterland between Warendorf and Telgte; Dordmund-Ems Canal Route at Fuestrup; Hase-Ems tour and Kastelen route in Salzbergen, Geest cycle path from Meppen to Bremen; Emsland route; North Sea Coast Cycle Route, Ostfriesland Route, Dollart Route from Papenburg via Leer to Bingum together with the Ems Cycle Path. 



Tour 2 "As far as the Weser flows" - Weser Cycle Path (source

The Weser Cycle Route accompanies the Weser from the confluence of the Werra and Fulda in Hann. Münden to the North Sea and is about 500 km long.

The Weser arises from the union of the rivers Werra (292 km) and Fulda (218 km) in Hann. Münden and flows through the countries of Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Bremen, before it flows into the North Sea near Bremerhaven.

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_bturtle-touren_paderborn_hamelin-weser.jpgAfter the Werre confluence, the Weser flows through the breakthrough valley of the Porta Westfalica between Weser Mountains and Wiehengebirge (at km 199) in the North German Plain, where it cuts through a small eastern part of the Natural Park Northern Teutoburg Forest-Wiehengebirge.

North of Minden the Weser is crossed since 1916 by the Mittellandkanal. According to the definition of the water and shipping authority, the Weser is referred to as Mittelweser from the waterway cross Minden. In other sources, Porta Westfalica is sometimes referred to as the border between Upper and Middle Weser. The middle Weser is regulated by seven barrages and shortened in part by lock channels. From hydrographic point of view, the middle Weser ends at Hemelinger Weser weir in Bremen -Hastedt at Weser-km 362.3. The middle Weser region between Minden and Bremen is predominantly rural.

The river section to the mouth in the North Sea is called Unterweser and is subject to the tides. The Unterweser first flows through Bremen, then through Lower Saxony. At the mouth into the North Sea, 452 kilometers of river from Hann. Münden, according to WaStrG, is the seaward boundary to the North Sea. There is the city of Bremerhaven on the eastern shore. 

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_bturtle-touren_paderborn_hamelin-rattenfaenger-denkmal.jpgThe continuation of the estuary of the Weser in the Wadden Sea of ​​the North Sea is called Außenweser. The Aussenweser crosses the National Park Lower Saxony Wadden Sea here. In prehistoric times, the lower reaches of Weser and Jade were united and led in the area of ​​the Jade Bay in the North Sea together. The Unterweser changed its course several times during the centuries. The fairways of Jade and Weser today separate the lighthouse "Roter Sand" into the open North Sea. This is about 45 km from Bremerhaven.

The Weser cycle path runs along the Oberweser mostly near the water, on the Mittelweser partly far away from the river and from Bremen long distances behind the dike.

The route mainly leads to the Upper Weser through many interesting cities and towns with well-preserved historic city centers, charming half-timbered houses and cultural highlights (Hann Münden, Reinhard Forest, Solling, Bad Karlshafen, Höxter, Hameln). Romantic palaces and castles, 16th-century buildings in the style of the Weser Renaissance are also located on the route through the Weserbergland.

The region of the middle Weser from Minden to Bremen is characterized by a wide moorland on the riverbanks. Only a few cities break through the predominantly agricultural structures with some high forest, heathland and bogs.

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_bturtle-touren_paderborn_hamelin-fachwerk.jpgAfter about 350 cycle-path kilometers you reach the largest city on the Weser, the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. Next, the bike route is mainly in the protection of the dikes in the north. The dikes built to protect against flooding now have a height of more then five meters. The region between Bremen and the North Sea is also characterized by low and high moors in the transitional area of ​​Geest and Marsch.

From Nordenham at the mouth of the Weser in the North Sea, there are two ways to continue the Weserradtour. The route on the western bank of the Weser leads through the attractive coastal resorts in Butjadingen. On the eastern side of the Weser, a visit to the seaside town of Bremerhaven is worthwhile, and it is worth continuing the cycle tour to Cuxhaven on the Elbe Cycle Path.

Weser bike trail history: (recommended start in Lichtenau with the first destination the city Beverungen)

1. Münden - Eichhof - Hemeln - Bursfelde - Oberweser (Oedelsheim - Gieselwerder) - Lippoldsberg - Bodenfelde - Wahmbeck - Bad Karlshafen - Herstelle - Beverungen - Blankenau - Wehrden - Godelheimer Lake District - Fürstenberg - Höxter - Corvey - Holzminden - Fähre Heinsen - Polle - Reileifzen - Dölme - Bodenwerder - Hehlen-Daspe - Hajen - Grohnder ferry - Emmerthal - Tündern - Hamelin - Fischbeck (Weser) - Weibeck - Hessian Oldendorf - Großwieden - Kohlenstädt - Engern - Rinteln - Icebergs - Veltheim - Buhnhof - Borlefzen - Vlotho-Uffeln - Vössen - Bad Oeynhausen - Rehme -Hahnenkamp - Dehme - Porta Westfalica - Minden - WSK (shaft lock) - Eickhoff - Petershagen - Gernheim - Brink - Ovenstädt - Glissen - Großenheerse - Buchholz - Müsleringen - Stolzenau - Schinna - Landesbergen - Estorf - Leeseringen - Nienburg - Marklohe - Sebbenhausen - Schweringen - Stain stooping - Hoya - Wienbergen - Magelsen - Alvesen - Eitzendirf - Oiste - Verden - Eissel - Achim - Thedinghausen - Dibbersen - Oenigstedt - Dreye - Bremen - Woltmershausen - Hasenbüren - Ochtum - Altenesch - Deichshausen - Lemwerder - Bardenfleth - Ganspe - Warfleth - Ranzenbuettel - Elsfleth - Lienen Brake (Unterweser) - Rodenkirchen - Commune Stadland - Nordenham - Blexen - Ferry - Bremerhaven - Weddewarden - Nordseebad Wremen - Dorumer Neufeld - Cappel Neufeld - Spieka Neufeld - Berensch - Arensch - Cuxhaven

More destinations along these Biking Routes:

Emden - youthful looking harbor town at Dollart

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