Unstrut cycle path - from Roßleben to Memleben

Unstrut cycle path - from Roßleben to Memleben

Again we wanted to do something like a half-day tour (a small picnic on the way in some beautiful surrounding) on the Unstrut cycle path with our HNF bikes, this time we had planned the section from Roßleben to Memleben.

Something like quite enthusiastic since we had planned a short stopover with our picnic at the mighty Wendelstein castle ruins. Coming from Billroda on the Kaiserweg, we cycled via Wiehe to the banks of the Unstrut, where we then turned onto the Unstrut cycle path.

Unstrut cycle path - from Dingelstedt to Naumburg

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_eco-finne_unstrut-radweg-1.jpgThe Unstrut cycle path connects the states of Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt. It accompanies the river Unstrut from its source in Eichsfeld via Dingelstädt, Mühlhausen, Bad Langensalza, Sömmerda, Artern to the confluence with the Saale river in the Bluebellgrund near Naumburg. The bike route leads through varied landscapes, such as the Reiser Valley, the Unstruttal nature reserve, the Thuringian Gate near Heldrungen and the Saale-Unstrut-Triasland nature park with the Saale-Unstrut wine-growing area. A multitude of old castles, important churches and monasteries, beautiful parks and some water mills are worth seeing along the way. Attractions such as the Memleben monastery, the Arche Nebra visitor centre at the place where the sky disc was found in Wangen and the model railway in Wiehe can be viewed along the way.

On our way today, we found the Wendelstein castle ruins particularly interesting, as a couple from Berlin are busy with the partial restoration of the castle complex and have thus already been able to reopen at least a part of it for residential purposes. There will be another report on this, which will also illustrate the starting points for life in the castle.

 Once you're out and about as a cyclist in the Finne region, you can also reach the Unstrut cycle path via the Rad-Acht or the Finne cycle path, both of which lead to the Unstrut cycle path in Memleben. In this way, the region and the surrounding area can be explored by bike for several days.

Route, route length and profile

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_eco-finne_unstrut-radweg-2.jpgIf you want to cycle from the Unstrut source to the confluence with the Saale, it is best to start in Dingelstädt, then continue via Mühlhausen - Bad Langensalza - Sömmerda -Heldrungen - Artern - Roßleben - Wendelstein - Memleben - Wangen - Nebra -Reinsdorf - Karsdorf - Burgscheidungen - Dorndorf - Weischütz - Laucha - Zscheiplitz - Freyburg - Großjena - Naumburg OT Henne. The length of the cycle path corresponds to around 188 kilometres, which can be covered on partially natural or asphalted paths. The entire route is easy to ride on with touring bikes as well as with e-bikes, inclines just to small extents, as you always ride along the riverbank.

In particular, the stop at Wendelstein Castle was the highlight of this time bike tour of almost 70 kilometres, a route that was interrupted by a few stops for the photos. Always worthwhile, as you are out and about in almost free not too much desturbed nature.

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